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Jonathan Moyo and the ZBC

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Monday, December 16th, 2013 by Fungayi Mukosera

Moyo was in full knowledge of the looting & servitude that is going on at ZBC but he chose the protectionist route of shielding the perpetrators by sending them on ‘PAID LEAVE’ under the guise of avoiding undue influence. Secondly, these hefty salaries did not even alarm them on taking office because they gave indication that the woes at the broadcaster were known for a long time. The only assumption for their laid back approach based on the turn of events is that these amounts of loot are not material enough to trigger speedy reactions. And those salaries are most likely far much lower than the value of diamonds they are smuggling at ZMDC etc. Thirdly, a minister for the people does not wait for an embarrassing hunger strike to salvage starving souls that are his direct mandate in his office. I wont praise the exposure of the grand theft at ZBC because everyone knows that Muchechetere and his entire junta guard were appointed as revivalists of a stumbling regime in 2008, their project is done now. It is not a secret even to a grade one child that this is an old offloading strategy of this incumbent government. Announcing these figures is just an incidental and deceptive strategy for them to appear dead on to service delivery yet they are still in the business of expending people and protecting the crown. I view this whole approach as corrupt & populist and trying to correct these parastatal wrongs using corrupt means is just as cancerous as corruption itself in Zimbabwe

Looting of Zimbabwean minerals

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Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 by Fungayi Mukosera

All this we hear about legalising makorokoza (panning) and reaching out to the West by relaxing the indigenisation project are just a heap of junk to cover up Zanu Pf’s desperation & failures. I do not want to see it as a coincidence that by the time Bruce Wharton is surprisingly proclaiming that the 31 July election was free and fair, Patrick Chinamasa was addressing western delegates with equal stun that he is giving them a reprieve on the indigenisation drive. It is absolutely nonsensical for anyone to believe that the planned formalisation of panning in Zimbabwe does not have a link with the recent public outcry that the Chinese are bullying us over our minerals using illegally acquired licenses to dig trenches in our rivers and fields. This is awfully far from empowering Zimbabweans because it is just a way of igniting anger and division over land degradation, invasion and destruction of our national heritage.

In fact, the only reason why the government is doing this is to cover their backs over the huge amount of corruption that is backpacked by the whole mining scandal. After all, if they are struggling to craft and enforce enough laws to protect the mining workers in formal companies now, what guarantee do we have that panning related deaths will not escalate if they legalise the looting of our minerals?

All this points to one thing in Zimbabwe, the desperation and pride in our nation’s leadership is forcing them to deliver our country on a silver platter for a song to other nations and drag all of us into their mess. The convergence of forces of merciless capitalism and totalitarianism in Zimbabwe right now is not by any measure crafted to bring empowerment to the commoner as noisily proclaimed, but instead expand the empire of tyranny.

Zimbabwe government and its money sucking

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 by Fungayi Mukosera

There’s a level of totalitarianism that pinches my nerves that is clearly visible in Zimbabwe. The people are always stuffed under the heavy hand of the despot either in the guise of ‘home grown solutions’ or ‘catching up with international standards’. Whenever the government wants to suck money out of us they do it to catch up with international trends.

Good examples are the introduction of toll gates, increasing toll fees, debates about urban tolls, spot fines, increasing import taxes and levies, new police and ministers’ vehicles, etc. International standards are unceremoniously dumped whenever issues of accountability and good governance are brought up and replaced by ‘home grown remedies’, which in most cases have only looked well crafted on paper but void in implementation.

They work these things like magicians in our eyes; most of the time we fail to connect the two dots in the line in the use of the terms from the start of the con plan to steal money from us to the point where we want the result and details of expenditure. A good but sad example is the toll fees which were forcibly introduced on our roads to catch up with regional and international trends and without fail, every motorist is paying but the amount of potholes on our highways by far do not reflect the tremendous amounts of money that is being collected in toll fees everyday.

Interestingly the government is still working ‘flat out’ to craft ‘home grown solutions’ that will insure that the system is water tight and any corruption be brought to book. Others who have tried to question the accountability of the government and police over toll fees and spot fines have been labeled western puppets whose agenda is to serve their western masters and to push for a regime change in our country. Anyone who asks questions about the diamond revenues (including the former Finance Minister, Biti), Zupco unfair operations, civil service inflated wage bills and unfair distributions of farming, energy, water and security resources etc, has been placed in this neocolonialists puppet bracket.

National security is our security, no to regime security

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 by Fungayi Mukosera

Zimbabwean security sector is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent in Africa but at the same time undoubtedly the most biased and civil manipulative. The one thing our security and intelligence have done very well since 18 April 1980 is to protect and retain political thrones for the blue bloods in the country. I believe their primary role is to protect the civilians but all the experiences of ordinary people of Zimbabwe at the hands of our National security has left me terrified and so dreading of their capabilities. When they are working to get any of our aristocratic oligarchs in power, they leave no stone unturned but they failed the simplest drill to ensure that Rebecca Mafikeni of the Glenview 29 gets released to receive medical attention. They have managed to silence us on the death of Christpowers Maisiri and declared it void of foul play. They have managed to give lame testimonies and delay court procedures only to keep Morgan Komichi under incarceration but have failed to open up investigations into the massive diamond looting in the country and only waited for the president to give them leads. No one from the urban land invaders has been reported to have been arrested to face justice so far but anyone who is deemed to have taken an opinion against their masters is very quick to be apprehended and face their unjust laws.

Our security sector is a regime security. I have not found anyone ordinary proclaiming faith in their ability to protect us. Money has always been protecting us in Zimbabwe, if you cannot offer a meal for an officer then you might have to think of getting your protection from somewhere else. Recently the Ghananians plus much more criminals in Zimbabweans have got away with serious crimes, not because they had good defense attorneys but because they had good connections in the security sector. Life is highly expendable in this scenario. Survival and safety mostly is dependent on one’s material possessions and relations rather than the simple fact that we are all citizens of Zimbabwe.

Tsvangirai and TB Joshua

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 by Fungayi Mukosera

It is interesting and questionable how the Herald has panicked over the case of Tsvangirai going to TB Joshua. The report is so quick to pin point that Zanu Pf has ‘won’ resoundingly over him. I find it surprising that the man still has got that significance in their newsrooms even though previously they considered him as now an ordinary man who holds no sentimental value. Previously Chris Mushohwe has been making endless journeys to the temple after he lost his parliamentary seat in Manicaland but they never felt it necessary to mention. After attacking the prophet for the death of Wamutharika I find it laughable how the Herald is being so calculative in its language towards the prophet.

Leadership in Zimbabwe out of touch with needs of the people

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 by Fungayi Mukosera

If a leader is for the people, we all know that he is from among us, understands us, does things with us and works for us. In other words a leader for the people is a total package. The reason why the power hungry cheat in votes to choose a people’s representative is because they know that they do not have the qualities to be the average person in that category so they use other vile means to attain or retain power.

People are not dogs, they know that they want someone who is in touch with their day to day lives and not a sympathiser who comes at his convenience to give handouts and put a leash on us to drag us along once in a while. Everyone knows that a social contract is never of gangsters delivering communion in churches because he owns the wine cellar but a man of collar because he is the average man from us and ordained to lead the flock.

Power and control in a normal free world are vested to a representative of the whole pack with just an added knowledge of solving the issues that affect us. A shepherd dog should never be confused with a sheep leader; its job is to drag the sheep to and from their pen. It understands where the sheep need to be so it gives directions but does not understand the needs of the sheep. The political leadership in Zimbabwe today abuse and deny us of our natural rights because they are out of touch of the needs of the average citizen of the country.