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Leadership in Zimbabwe out of touch with needs of the people

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If a leader is for the people, we all know that he is from among us, understands us, does things with us and works for us. In other words a leader for the people is a total package. The reason why the power hungry cheat in votes to choose a people’s representative is because they know that they do not have the qualities to be the average person in that category so they use other vile means to attain or retain power.

People are not dogs, they know that they want someone who is in touch with their day to day lives and not a sympathiser who comes at his convenience to give handouts and put a leash on us to drag us along once in a while. Everyone knows that a social contract is never of gangsters delivering communion in churches because he owns the wine cellar but a man of collar because he is the average man from us and ordained to lead the flock.

Power and control in a normal free world are vested to a representative of the whole pack with just an added knowledge of solving the issues that affect us. A shepherd dog should never be confused with a sheep leader; its job is to drag the sheep to and from their pen. It understands where the sheep need to be so it gives directions but does not understand the needs of the sheep. The political leadership in Zimbabwe today abuse and deny us of our natural rights because they are out of touch of the needs of the average citizen of the country.

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