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Jonathan Moyo and the ZBC

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Moyo was in full knowledge of the looting & servitude that is going on at ZBC but he chose the protectionist route of shielding the perpetrators by sending them on ‘PAID LEAVE’ under the guise of avoiding undue influence. Secondly, these hefty salaries did not even alarm them on taking office because they gave indication that the woes at the broadcaster were known for a long time. The only assumption for their laid back approach based on the turn of events is that these amounts of loot are not material enough to trigger speedy reactions. And those salaries are most likely far much lower than the value of diamonds they are smuggling at ZMDC etc. Thirdly, a minister for the people does not wait for an embarrassing hunger strike to salvage starving souls that are his direct mandate in his office. I wont praise the exposure of the grand theft at ZBC because everyone knows that Muchechetere and his entire junta guard were appointed as revivalists of a stumbling regime in 2008, their project is done now. It is not a secret even to a grade one child that this is an old offloading strategy of this incumbent government. Announcing these figures is just an incidental and deceptive strategy for them to appear dead on to service delivery yet they are still in the business of expending people and protecting the crown. I view this whole approach as corrupt & populist and trying to correct these parastatal wrongs using corrupt means is just as cancerous as corruption itself in Zimbabwe

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