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Brenda Burrell
is a reluctant blogger – mainly because she’s too busy talking to sit down and write anything. Her current passion is Kubatana’s Freedom Fone project – so you’ll find most of her blogs (which is not a Lot) here. When she’s not in the office she’s either on a bicycle, in a swimming pool or struggling to hold a pose in a yoga class. Brenda is a budding Buddhist, loves a good margarita (not frozen) and is always keen to lend a techie hand. Thanks to interest in Freedom Fone around the world she’s done a lot of travelling. That means many of her blogs are not about Zimbabwe.

Marko Phiri
is a guy with a voracious appetite for reading and writing. One of his pet hobbies is sitting among strangers in a pub and listening in on stuff these total strangers would not talk about while standing on a soapbox. Marko is also a loyal disciple of conscious political rap, that kind of music that will never appear on the international music charts! Marko fancies himself as a creative and has written dozens of short stories and short film scripts and awaits the day he will take up full-time writing. “I blog, therefore I am.”

Lenard Kamwendo
is a blogger and a bit of a dreamer who prefers to work behind the scenes.  When he is not dreaming he can be found hunting for treasure somewhere in Chitungwiza.

Amanda Atwood
loves hunting dogs and hates injustice. She blogs on Kubatana because who else would publish her rants?

Bev Clark
loves a cold cocktail and a hot date. When she is not in her Superman costume saving the world from villains, she is rescuing stray dogs from the streets of Harare. She gets turned on by creative activism that questions authority. Among her dislikes are presidential portraits, people who hum and a gray day.

Emily Morris
is quiet mainly because she prefers listening to others’ opinions rather than saying her own – not that she doesn’t enjoy a good discussion. She spends most of her time wondering why university applications are so complicated and enjoys every free moment she has with her kitten (who returns the favour by tearing her hands to shreds). Her favourite thing is finding a comfortable warm spot with a glass of wine and a good book (and obviously her kitten) to spend a few hours.

Elizabeth Nyamuda
is a citizen journalist who loves expressing her creativity and spending time with her son. When she is not working, or looking after Tanaka, she mostly spends her time trying to find community stories to share. She enjoys gardening and loosening her mind to house music.

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