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The Floods and the Flow

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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 by Bev Reeler

Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast of the United States today.
Millions of people witnessed
the combined power of surging wind-blown seas,
spring tides and a cold weather front
sweeping into their streets and their homes
suspending the routine of lives lived in familiar patterns

shops emptied of supplies
transport systems closed, schools closed, businesses closed
even the stock exchange is  closed
as millions take shelter
alongside bottles of water and food supplies that protect them from
waiting for the violence of the storm to subside

last week a storm hit the west coast of France, Spain and Portugal
in a fury of wind and water that drowned their houses and cars
57 people were killed

an earthquake shook the seas off the Californian coast
raising fears of a tsunami

within a short week
we are confronted with the fragility of the systems that hold us
against the force of this elemental power

the planet has shaken her mantle before,
but things are different now

we have settled in our increasing millions
along the shores of her oceans
the faults of her mantle
at the feet of her growing mountains

and every time she shivers
the structures and systems that have taken centuries build
are wiped out in a few hours

there is something that happens in these moments of chaos
when we are called so starkly into dealing with the present
when we leave our homes with our supplies
shifted out of the normality of our lives
and even the rescue services can’t hold back the damage

It is as if some other part of us wakes up
and we become part of a cooperative, coordinated action
that calls us back to community beings
to lay sand bags along shop fronts
take care of the old lady next door
the kid down the street

will we find a vision that holds us in this chaos
that enables us to stand here in the fire
the floods and the flow?

will we start learning something beyond saving ourselves
and the security of our singular lives?

do we need chaos to prompt us into our wider selves?

are realizations of great significance only born of pain?

in Syria the government forces bombed their capital
killing their own children
and we watch the world on our screens
horrified but detached
until ‘we are the ones’

this week carries great learning . . .

NGO job vacancies in Zimbabwe: apply now!

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Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 by Bev Clark

Work in and for Zimbabwe. Help grow our nation. Check out the vacancies below. If you’d like to receive this sort of information, as well as civic and human rights updates, by email each week drop us a note saying “subscribe” to info [at] kubatana [dot] net

Please note that the job vacancies we carry are related to the NGO and civil society sectors only.

Research Administration & Compliance Officer: Zvitambo
Deadline: 2 November 2012

Applicants that meet the following requirements are invited for the position of Research Administration & Compliance Officer to carry out the following duties:

-Managing the Regulatory Binder
-Assisting with IRBs new applications and amendment for JH and MRCZ
-Assisting with Research Compliance Issues
-Carrying out translations
-Managing Bibliography Database

-Degree in Social Sciences plus Certification in Human Subject Research Ethics & Good Clinical Practice
-A good understanding of Research regulations is important
-Diploma in Public Relations an added advantage
-Highly conversant with MS Office, Reference Manager (scientific literature management software) and Desktop Publishing
-At least 5 years post qualification experience in NGO research environment
-Valid driver’s licence

Apply by email to: applynow [at] zvitambo [dot] co [dot] zw
Or in person or by post to: Zvitambo, #1 Borrowdale Road, Borrowdale, Harare
Email Subject or Attention: “Research Administration & Compliance Officer”

Two (2) vacancies: Local NGO
Deadline: 2 November 2012

1) Finance Officer (12 months)

Work Hours: Full time; 40 hours per week

The organisation provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regards to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status.

Basic Function: As finance officer, the incumbent will be responsible for a wide range of finance and accounting and administrative responsibilities within the organisation.

Duties and Responsibilities
-Production of accurate financial statements and assisting with the administrative duties
-Production of monthly management accounts
-Authorize and monitor journal entries made to the ledger
-Ensure that the nominal ledger is being properly written up and accounts relating thereof are properly explained
-Maintenance of the fixed asset register
-Assist with year end schedules as required by the external auditors
-Assist with the financial reports to varied stakeholders, and ensuring to global accounting and finance standards.

Selection Factors
1) Education: Possession of a university degree in accounting or finance is required (20 points)
2) Prior Work Experience: A minimum of 3 years of progressively responsible experience in professional accounting, auditing or financial management, preferably in public accounting or donor project financing (30 points)
3) Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Language Proficiency:  Fluency in written and spoken English is required (50 points)
Knowledge – A thorough knowledge and understanding of professional accounting principles, particularly non-profit accounting rules.
Abilities and Skills – Must be able to interpret accounting data and information, as well as analyze accounting processes and identify practices and procedures, which require correction and modification. Must be able to perform analysis of management controls and ensure that they are adhered to. Must be able to produce accurate financial reports, which are up to the standard of partners and other stakeholders. Must be able to communicate effectively with non-accounting personnel in explaining accounting requirements and potentials. Must be skilled in the use of computer-based accounting packages.

2) Information And Communication Officer (12 months)

Principal Job Responsibilities
-Will be in charge of the overall management and execution of the Organisation’s information and communication strategy
-Will work in collaboration with the Information Sub-Committee to define the objectives, strategies and content of the information and communications program
-Design and oversee the implementation of a regional and international information and communications campaign
-Build a public and media relations strategy for all the Organisation’s activities
-Identify target groups and design appropriate information products for each

Qualifications And Experience
(a) Relevant University degree or Mass Communications Diploma
(b) At least 2 years’ experience in a research or information related environment 2 years on the job experience

To Apply
Please read this section carefully and follow the instructions closely. Interested applicants must address all the above qualifications in their application. An application should be addressed to the H.R Manager and include:
1. An application letter, detailing how the applicant meets the above minimum qualifications. Please type your response to each item, e.g Education, and state how you meet the requirement. Failure to do so will result in you not being shortlisted. Your letter must address each of the qualifications listed above.
2. A current resume relevant to the position (no more than 2 pages)
Relevant documentation supporting the minimum requirements listed above should be available upon request, if called for an interview, but do not have to be attached to the application.

Selection Process
After an initial application screening, the best-qualified applicants will be invited to a testing process, which may include an oral interview and/or written exercise. The final phase of the selection process is the probationary period of 3 months. Medical and security clearances are also required before employment can begin.

Please Note: Only short listed candidates will be contacted with the results of the final selection. Due to the anticipated great number of applications to be received, we are not able to contact each applicant.

Please submit email applications to: vacanciesopen [at] gmail [dot] com

National General Secretary: Local NGO
Deadline: 3 November 2012 (4pm)

A reputable Christian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) specialized in Youth Development is looking for a strong executive level professional to become its National General Secretary/Chief Executive Officer.

The position holder will be responsible for
-Implementing the new Strategic Plan
-Overseeing the design and implementation of quality programs and structures
-Managing the NGO’s resources within the budget guidelines, according to current laws and regulations in Zimbabwe
-Overseeing the financial management activities of the NGO
-Identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources and establishing strategies to approach funders, etc.
-Attracting, retaining and motivating talented and enthusiastic staffs
-Supporting Branch and Board development
-Networking, developing linkages and nurturing partnerships with like-minded organizations
-Ensuring that the NGO’s Vision, Mission, Programs and Services are consistently presented in a strong and positive image to stakeholders

The successful candidate must
-Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Development Work, Youth Development, Management Studies or a related field. A Master’s Degree and the ability to speak another language such as French would be an added advantage
-Have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience at an executive level either with a youth based organization, an NGO or a governmental agency
-Have proven experience and abilities in social enterprise management, leadership and project management
-Possesses multitasking, communication, leadership and entrepreneurship skills
-Have a good understanding of Youth Development and Empowerment strategies
-Be computer literate.

The interview for the NGS/CEO position will be conducted on Wednesday 7th November 2012.

Please send full CV and copies of relevant documents with email and reliable telephone number to: applicants [at] africaymca [dot] org

NB: Only short listed candidates will contacted.

Afraid of

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Monday, October 29th, 2012 by Bev Clark

Be a good neighbour

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Monday, October 29th, 2012 by Bev Clark

Be glad of life,

Because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars; to be satisfied with your possessions; to despise nothing in the world except falsehood and meanness, and to fear nothing except cowardice; to be governed by your admirations rather then your disgusts; to covet nothing that is your neighbour’s except his kindness of heart and gentleness of manners; to think seldom of your enemies, often of your friends … and to spend as much time as you can, with body and with spirit, these are little guideposts on the footpath to peace. (Henry van Dyke)

Kubatana.net recently asked our membership to put together the top six best practices that neighbours living in close community should engage in … let’s live with respect

-Turn down the volume! Let’s stop or reduce the loud music, hooting at all hours to get gates opened, generators late at night
-Don’t burn leaves and rubbish so that smoke goes into your neighbour’s house, and onto their washing
-Keep your gate shut so that your dogs don’t roam around and cause fear and harm to other people
-If you’re going to have a party or set off fireworks, first inform your neighbours so that they are warned
-Help keep your street clean by picking up litter outside your property boundary, and keep your grass cut
-Look out for each other, keep both your home and your neighbour’s home secure

And share a Smile

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Snapshots from Lilongwe

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Friday, October 26th, 2012 by Brenda Burrell

I’m in Lilongwe for the week to run Freedom Fone training. We’re based in Area 6, a suburb popular with hotels, b&b’s and NGOs. The reason for this clustering is because Malawi’s demand for power has outstripped it’s power generation capacity, so businesses try to locate themselves on grids with minimum power disruptions. Nearby is Maula Prison, an institution that is deemed to have a priority for electricity supply. No surprise if you want to limit opportunities for prison breaks I guess. Unexpected was the Welcome to Maula Prison sign!

Welcome to Maula Prison!

Welcome to Maula Prison!

The short walk between my hotel and the training venue provided a number of other delightful photo opportunities.

Mr MaDogs

Mr MaDogs

A vendor's table of wares

A vendor's table of wares

What’s changed?

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Friday, October 26th, 2012 by Bev Clark

From a Kubatana subscriber:

Believe it or not, the challenge of mind-set change is  still a facade and far out cry in the post-independence Zimbabwe! Grotesque levels of corruption, poor health service delivery, hatred, policy shelving, duplicity of politicians, violence, citizens apathy and absence of rule of law continue to spell a bleak future for our country.