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Water logged shopping

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Monday, March 19th, 2012 by Jane Chivere

A couple of days later my boss sent me back to the shop with the hope that I would find the problem (no water and water leakage) rectified. So I call the shop first and the lady sang a slightly different tune, “the water problem is much better but please do bring the torch”. I got a torch, which I held onto with my dear life, we (my boss and I) both knew why. I then went to the shop and offered to go down to the basement. I couldn’t risk them dropping the torch, which they were not obviously going to pay for if damaged. What I saw down there was an eyesore! The walls were rotting; water on floor was more like floods if you ask me. The other products were soaked in water and the smell was really bad. I should have just carried one of the Fix this.Please campaign stickers and stuck it there. With the number of clientele that comes in on a daily basis one would expect that some of the money would be channeled towards fixing the building. But hey I got my products and was happy to leave the building and their problems behind me!

Life is like a taxi, the meter keeps ticking

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Thursday, March 15th, 2012 by Jane Chivere

I have always had this wild imagination and always likened life to Pacman, a very captivating computer game. I am sure it rings a bell with many of you. I found it so fascinating when I had to eat my way to survival to get to the next level. And by the way it was survival of the fittest. Every time I got to the next level I would wipe my forehead and just sigh with relief ” Phew, I made it”. In the end I became a pro and obviously invincible.

One songwriter wrote, “You’ve got to live every moment as though it was your last, before the thief of always steals tomorrow from your grasp” which the beautiful and magnificent Jacque Velasquez sang so eloquently. She went on to sing “And time waits for no man, seasons come and go, in the midst of an ever-changing world”. I got confused at first before I had to intelligently reason with myself. At first I thought as an immature and raw individual taking the literal sense of the song. What immediately came to mind was going out and partying hard, you know what any party freak would do. If only “Las Vegas” was in Zimbabwe. Then again the song says live everyday and I couldn’t help but imagine partying hard on a daily basis. That would be suicide at its best – an antagonizing hangover each morning. Would I live to live life to the fullest like that, I don’t think so…

Life is indeed like a taxi, the meter keeps ticking whether you are stagnant or not, and it only stops once you have reached your final destination. What am I doing with my life? Am I passive or proactive, making positive or negative impacts in the lives of other fellow brothers and sisters in this so-called ever-changing world? I definitely want to be remembered. I fancy my parents standing tall and telling the whole world how proud they are of me and never run out of words to say. I have heard people say they have attended funerals where people find it difficult to say just a few words.

I will make it a point that when given a chance to prove myself in what every aspect of life, giving it my best shot would be quite rewarding. Everyone wants to be labelled an achiever, and so do I. Even Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs does mention self-actualisation as the greatest need in our lives. The need to realise that one is an achiever and recognition for that achievement is of great significance. Without that self-actualisation then there is no satisfaction until that goal is reached. The hunger, passion and zeal for accomplishment, attainment and success are push factors that should keep you and I going.

What is it that I need to achieve in life, the goals that I so badly want realised? The list is endless. Nothing can stop me as long as I focus on those goals. Another songwriter wrote “If at first you don’t succeed, you can dust yourself off and try again” – for me that is living life. Acknowledging that in life there are obstacles that will try to deter me and lose track of where I am going but those are merely part of life’s lessons. Those obstacles are there just to make me a stronger and better person at the end of the day.

Life is an adventure … dare it! It is also a mystery … so why not solve it? What is there to lose?

Shopping in Zimbabwe

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 by Jane Chivere

I went to a local shop with the intention of buying some of their products. Some of their stock is taken from the basement where there aren’t any lights and where there’s a water leak. So the lady assisting me boldly tells me to come back after two days to check if the problem (no lights and too much water) has been rectified. And if not, then I have to supply them with a torch and wear my own gumboots to help get the stuff out of the basement. I wondered whether I should give them a quotation for bringing my own equipment!