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Water logged shopping

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A couple of days later my boss sent me back to the shop with the hope that I would find the problem (no water and water leakage) rectified. So I call the shop first and the lady sang a slightly different tune, “the water problem is much better but please do bring the torch”. I got a torch, which I held onto with my dear life, we (my boss and I) both knew why. I then went to the shop and offered to go down to the basement. I couldn’t risk them dropping the torch, which they were not obviously going to pay for if damaged. What I saw down there was an eyesore! The walls were rotting; water on floor was more like floods if you ask me. The other products were soaked in water and the smell was really bad. I should have just carried one of the Fix this.Please campaign stickers and stuck it there. With the number of clientele that comes in on a daily basis one would expect that some of the money would be channeled towards fixing the building. But hey I got my products and was happy to leave the building and their problems behind me!

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