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Regulated free for alls

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Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 by Natasha Msonza

Of late Zimbabwe has been having what the international diamond experts have dubbed the biggest diamond rush in history. The discovery of diamonds, especially in the Manicaland province has provided opportunities for a section of our population struggling with unemployment and the effects of a ravaging inflation to make a quick fortune – that is before the police descended. Many diamond fields were then sealed off so that ‘proper channels of diamond trade’ could be observed. As a result, anyone found with suspicious looking stones faced serious prosecution unless they bribed the policemen! However it is common knowledge that mainly corrupt officials are the ones illegally profiting from plundering this precious natural resource.

In the middle of it all, early this month a diesel-like liquid was reported by the Herald to have been discovered oozing from a rock near Chinhoyi caves. Yet again, the site was sealed off by a group of club-wielding people supposedly led by a spirit medium who claimed to be the custodian of the place.

While it is in principle best to have a chosen central body mediate on behalf of the nation regarding how the national wealth is utilized and distributed, the current selfish and egotistic goings on of the elite make ordinary Zimbabweans want to benefit themselves whenever the opportunity arises. Why let the already wealthy and overweight plunder everything and not us, seems to be the thinking.

Then today I read about the latest divine discovery of hot water gushing out of a spring in Binga growth point where village women were photographed doing their washing and other business, and I wondered if the government is going to seal that off too?

The spoken word

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007 by Bev Clark

In case you didn’t know, Kubatana has done some audio interviews with some great Zimbabweans over the last couple of years. Some of our audio interviews include a chat with Fadzai Muparutsa, Programme Manager for Gender with Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe about her experience of representing her organisation at the World Social Forum in Kenya.

Musician and trade unionist Raymond Majongwe sings it out and says: “I will continue doing what I think is right and I will continue singing what I like at what ever cost, or price that has to be paid.”

Fiery political opposition activist Kerry Kay expresses her outrage after witnessing police brutality on the streets of Harare. The strength of her resolve is illustrated in these words after her incarceration

it has made me even more committed to our beloved country, to see democratic change, and the rebuilding of so many shattered lives, hopes and dreams.

Pastor Sikiani who is doing amazing work helping to enhance the lives of orphans in Goromonzi tells us that “If everything is led by God, nothing can fail.”

In our interview with activist and spoken word poet, Comrade Fatso, he describes the Uhuru Network’s street soccer activism campaign and says that they “are using street soccer to mobilise residents and encourage them to challenge the council and demand explanations as to why we are paying such exorbitant water rates”.

For more audio interviews check out this link