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Regulated free for alls

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Of late Zimbabwe has been having what the international diamond experts have dubbed the biggest diamond rush in history. The discovery of diamonds, especially in the Manicaland province has provided opportunities for a section of our population struggling with unemployment and the effects of a ravaging inflation to make a quick fortune – that is before the police descended. Many diamond fields were then sealed off so that ‘proper channels of diamond trade’ could be observed. As a result, anyone found with suspicious looking stones faced serious prosecution unless they bribed the policemen! However it is common knowledge that mainly corrupt officials are the ones illegally profiting from plundering this precious natural resource.

In the middle of it all, early this month a diesel-like liquid was reported by the Herald to have been discovered oozing from a rock near Chinhoyi caves. Yet again, the site was sealed off by a group of club-wielding people supposedly led by a spirit medium who claimed to be the custodian of the place.

While it is in principle best to have a chosen central body mediate on behalf of the nation regarding how the national wealth is utilized and distributed, the current selfish and egotistic goings on of the elite make ordinary Zimbabweans want to benefit themselves whenever the opportunity arises. Why let the already wealthy and overweight plunder everything and not us, seems to be the thinking.

Then today I read about the latest divine discovery of hot water gushing out of a spring in Binga growth point where village women were photographed doing their washing and other business, and I wondered if the government is going to seal that off too?

One comment to “Regulated free for alls”

  1. Comment by Pamwechete:

    If its any consolation to you, I don’t think that the Chefs will change on the list of items you have referred to.
    Remember the prime land after independence
    Remember the so called indegenisationn programme

    They will definatetly see how far they can go to fleece the nation of its wealth.

    I am split as to whether I will be happy if oil is discovered or not. But so far GWB hasn’t said anything so I suppose there is no oil, otherwise we would have become a model for democracy overnight :-)