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No littering, no praying

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 by Amanda Atwood


A subscriber sent us this picture of a City of Harare sign they spotted at the open space opposite Coca Cola in Graniteside between Seke Rd and Dieppe Ave. Whilst I’m all for no littering, I’m not sure you can tell people where they can’t pray?

Meanwhile, “litterbugs” may face community service, The Herald tells us. Hopefully this includes preventing the wholesale dumping which is taking over Harare’s open spaces, and ensuring effective waste management and collection practises across Zimbabwe.

Ask the MP: Corruption – Tonight

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 by Amanda Atwood
Tonight: 7:30pm on ZiFM Stereo
In partnership with ZiFM Stereo, SAPST runs a live radio programme, “Ask the MP”. The programme discusses topical policy issues before parliament and other related parliamentary developments. The purpose of the programme is to create a platform where members of the public can interact with their parliamentary representatives and discuss topical policy issues.

The programme broadcasts every Tuesdays between 1930 – 2030 Hours on ZiFM Stereo.

This evening’s programme is part 2 of last week’s discussion on corruption in the country. Hon. Makhosini Hlongwane (ZANU PF Mberengwa East), Hon. Willias Madzimure (MDC-T Kambuzuma & APNAC Chairperson) and Ms. Mary Jane Ncube from Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) will be our guest panellists.The programme has a phone-in segment to enable listeners to participate by way of comments and questions on the topic under discussion. The number to use is: 0772 168 045. You can also file your comments and questions via the WhatsApp and SMS platforms on 0772 168 045. Your comments and questions will be read out live during the course of the programme.

Should you require further information, please contact Farai Mwakutuya (ZiFM) on 0734 044 494, at farai.mwakutuya@yahoo.com or Henry Ndlovu (SAPST) on 0712 729 247 or at henrynd@sapst.org

Everyone’s got a thing

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Thursday, October 10th, 2013 by Bev Clark

For his project Pretend You’re Actually Alive, Leigh Ledare traced his mother Tina from teenage ballet dancer to mature sexual exhibitionist.

More from the Guardian

Victories & Violations – The Struggle for Minority Rights in Africa

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Thursday, October 10th, 2013 by Bev Clark

Launch of Openphoto 2013 Competition with US$5,000 First Prize … Victories & Violations – The Struggle for Minority Rights in Africa
Deadline: 30 November 2013

After the success of the inaugural competition in 2012, the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) is pleased to announce the launch of OPENPhoto 2013 on the theme of Minority Rights in Africa – with the winners being selected by a jury comprised of some of Africa’s and the world’s top documentary photographers, and with a top prize of US$5,000.

Aiming to encourage analytical and critical thinking about society in Africa and support the development of photojournalism across the continent, OPENPhoto 2013 is looking for strong, interpretive documentary work on the theme of Victories and Violations: The Struggle for Minority Rights in Africa.

“Across the continent, many people remain marginalised and socially excluded because they are minorities. People are discriminated against because they are disabled or homosexual or indigenous or sex workers. Or because they are women living with HIV. Or men from a small ethnic group. Or children from a non-state religion. Or families fleeing persecution in another country,” said Richard Lee, OSISA’s Communications Manager. “OPENPhoto 2013 is looking to reward photo essays that depict the reality of life for these marginalised minorities – the good and the bad, their struggles and their successes.”

The competition is open to any photographer based in Africa – professional or amateur. And the prizes are definitely worth winning:

First Prize – US$5,000 plus a commissioned assignment with OSISA in 2014
Second Prize – US$2,000; and
Third Prize – US$1,000

OPENPhoto 2013 will be judged by a prestigious jury of award-winning African and international photographers. Convened by the Pulitzer Prize-winning South African photographer, Greg Marinovich, the jury includes João Silva, Munem Wasif, Patrick Baz, Robin Comley, Yunghi Kim, Enrico Dagnino, Andrew Lichtenstein, David Dare Parker and Janine Haidar.

The competition deadline is November 30th with the winners being announced on December 16th.

For more information and to apply: www.open-photo.org

Rokpa Film Screening

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 by Bev Clark

Rokpa will be screening the film the “Intouchables” followed by a talk by Tom Soper (quadriplegic) and a delicious tea.

This French film is based on the true story of a quadriplegic who develops an unlikely friendship with his unorthodox and very likeable carer. Philippe is a millionaire who was paralysed from the neck down in an accident. Driss is a man recently out of jail for robbery, who inadvertently becomes Philippe’s caregiver. Their relationship is based on Driss’ confidence that Philippe will improve if he escapes his stuck-up lifestyle and samples freedoms beyond physical ability.

The film, which is both wonderfully humorous as well as poignant, has won numerous awards.

Where: Rokpa, 34 Quendon road, Monavale (parking across the road at the Italian Club for $1)
When: 2:30pm Saturday 19 October
Cost: $10 (all proceeds for charity)

Tickets on sale at the 34 Quendon Road office (mornings only), or at the door.

Inspiring conversation through art

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 by Elizabeth Nyamuda

Last week I got to meet Toni Crabb a Zimbabwean Barcelona based visual artist. Toni has been working in the arts industry for the past 23 years and has done quite a number of exhibitions. Drawing her inspiration from things, which worry her, and things which give her energy Toni, inspires conversation through her art work.

In a small village in Spain with 300 inhabitants, she went onto the football pitch and painted the goalpost pink decorating it with flowers, plants chairs making it into a space for doing interviews with people. “I wanted audience participation, I didn’t want to be the one making the images. I wanted to gather images from the audience relating to female sex pleasure. At first I didn’t know if it would work but I got a got a lot of interest and people participating,” Toni said. After showing the audience the sexual response curve – a line that shows pleasure and orgasm – she got people to discuss the results.

Asked on why Toni specifically chose this topic Toni had this to say, “The reason I did this is because there is little imagery that women make that we can actually feel and relate to about our own pleasure and sexual experience.” Other issues that the artist covers in her work are social issues like people’s relationship to the space around them and people’s relationship to the environment. You can follow Toni on her website here.