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MDC Press briefing

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 by Bev Clark

Details from a just held MDC Press briefing:

1. General high turnout nationally. Long queues in Harare and other provinces. In Harare an average of 400 people had voted at each polling station by 10am.

2. Disturbing events in four Mashonaland Central constituencies as well as in Mashonaland East province. Muzarabani South, North, Mt Darwin North, Guruve North. Uzumba, Maramba-Pfungwe, Mutoko East and North, known MDC supporters including teachers, have been told to plead illiteracy and being ‘assisted’ by Zanu PF. In Maramba Pfungwe, this is happening at Nyangande, Dinde, Datseka polling stations, our people are being “assisted.” In Muzarabani North, this is happening at Muringazuva, Chadereka. In Muzarabani South, this is happening at Mutemakungu, Hoya, Chiweshe primary school and Ucheche polling stations. In Hatfield, we have unearthed massive vote rigging in which 6000 people have been imported district to vote using same registration slips. Some of have been arrested and are at Hatfield police station where the MDC candidate Dr. Tapiwa Mashakada is at.

3. At Bindura primary school known police officers who were part of the special voting are in the queue again today to vote.

4. In Mt Darwin North, this is happening at all polling stations.

5. In Chegutu East, a village head is intimidating by recording names of all villagers as they turn up at Rutara polling station.

6. In Chitungwiza South, Zanu PF supporters telling residents to memorise the last three digits of the serial numbers on their ballots and hand them over after voting.

7. Unknown polling stations: Kanyaya polling station in Muzarabani North was not there.

8. In Guruve North, Masonaland Central, all suspected MDC members are being assisted to vote.

9. Switching of candidates’ faces on parliamentary election ballots in Nyanga.

10. Zvishavane-Ngezi, 300 ballots found in the box with different serial numbers from the ballots issues there. This happened at Mondogori and Mimosa polling stations.

11. Former army officers claim they have received messages to report to KGVI tomorrow, without fail. The message reportedly came from Phillip Valerio Sibanda.

12. We are encouraged by the high turn out. We remain confident that in spite of all these challenges, the people of Zimbabwe will deliver change and real transformation.

Mugabe needs to go

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 by Bev Clark

Seeing as we run a groovy little activist information project we’re all at work today. We work in a building not far from central Harare and we haven’t had a regular supply of municipal water from our taps for years now. In the beginning it was kind of stop, start. Now it’s just stopped. Like how we have to stop Mugabe. The owners of the building had to sink a borehole so that people could still work here and poo and wee and drink and wash up and all those things you do during the course of the day. But today seeing as its a Public Holiday the borehole has been switched off and we’re water-less. Which actually is a good thing because it one of the reminders of what’s wrong with Zimbabwe under Mugabe’s dictatorship. Another reason not to keep him and his diamond swallowers in power.

Mugabe all around

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 by Bev Clark

Mugabe billboard

Zanu PF has put up election adverts in all sorts of places. Rocks, trees, rubbish bins, walls. They’ve even bought formal advertising space and put up full scale billboards and other smaller fixed structure advertising. Makes me wonder if a civic organisation wanting to share slogans like Stand Up For Your Rights, would have been allowed to do the same.

Trees bloom during Zimbabwe’s election

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 by Bev Clark

MDC trees

Photo: New York Times

Intimidation at Mufakose High School

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 by Bev Clark

In the Mufakose High School polling station, near Harare, up to 15 police officers are apparently present inside the polling station, some seated besides the Presiding Officer, taking the names of people who are voting. This is a clear effort to intimidate voters, and is in direct violation of the ZEC electoral laws. – Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum

SMS feedback on elections

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 by Amanda Atwood

Zimbabweans around the country are texting us with their feedback on Zimbabwe’s Election voting day. You can read a few below, and we’re compiling them on our Crowdmap, so take a look (and refresh the map often!)

  • I have gone to Ward 29 Zvimba South. The process is very slow.
  • In Budiriro 3, long long lines and slow process. MDC-T very faint on the ballot slips and is last.
  • I’m done at Chinembiri Pri, Seke. In a 300 metre queue, 2hrs 18 minutes. Heavy turnout.
  • Already voted in Chitungwiza Dzidzai Primary. All went well, queues moving nicely. In less than 30 minutes we were done.
  • Voting is too slow and some of the names are not on the roll so we are voting with registration certificate. Chitepo Sec School, Zvimba East.
  • In Goromonzi, Rusike at St Dominics Nora Primary. The polling process is in progress. No problems. About 300 ppl voted and the queue is declining.
  • Am in Murehwa. Went to vote early morning. Many people came early. Queues were very long. SADC vehicles and JOMIC were moving around.
  • In Bikita East voting going on peacefully, short queues.
  • Gokwe Central. Voter turnout high. No incidents witnessed.
  • My polling station (Avondale) full of police in uniform queueing to vote.