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A curse of drought and elections in March

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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 by Lenard Kamwendo

As the summer of 2012 continues to be windy and dry almost everyone is now wondering what the Gods have in store for Zimbabwe this season. In the midst of jostling for political power and dishing out of farm inputs not much attention is being given to the weather patterns. The Meteorological Department Services recently indicated that the country is likely to face yet another dry season characterized by erratic rains. These predictions are slowly proving to be true as we are almost reaching midway of the summer season and very little rainfall has been recorded countrywide. March 2013 has been set as the month for holding the next elections in Zimbabwe. March is a month familiar with elections. During the month of March in 2008 the country experience food shortages, violence and hyperinflation. Elections in Zimbabwe bring nightmares to many, even worse when the rains have been erratic. Election fear and hunger will characterize the 2013 ballot. My spiritual fear leads me to think that maybe drought is a curse bestowed on elections in this country.

Male circumcision . . . Feel the breeze

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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 by Amanda Atwood

I don’t know who PSI tests their advertisements with, but they really need to work on their market research. Is it just me? Or does “get a summer snip and feel the breeze” not quite do it for promoting male circumcision? Especially on the heels of past prevention campaigns, and the fact that male circumcision is not the one-stop-shop for HIV prevention that marketing might want to make it seem.

NGO Advocacy Job Vacancy

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Friday, November 23rd, 2012 by Bev Clark

Work in and for Zimbabwe. Help grow our nation. Check out the vacancies below. If you’d like to receive this sort of information, as well as civic and human rights updates, by email each week drop us a note saying “subscribe” to info [at] kubatana [dot] net

Please note that the job vacancies we carry are related to the NGO and civil society sectors only.

Advocacy And Networking Officer: Local NGO
Deadline: 30 November 2012

Basic Function
The Advocacy and Networking Officer will be part of a team implementing the Organisation’s Public Advocacy, policy based Advocacy, Campaigns and other programs, as well as maintaining and increasing the Coalitions network density.

Terms Of Reference
-Assist with the Development and implementation of lobby and advocacy strategies to achieve the organisations objects.
-Lead and Participate in the planning and organisation of key Public and Policy based advocacy initiatives.
-Participate in the development and implementation of campaigns around the organisations key objectives.
-Together with other officers assist with the strategic public positioning of the organisation.
-Take responsibility for the servicing and maintenance of the organisations networks and strategic linkages with varied stakeholders, including members.
-Assisting with designing advocacy tools for use in the organisations work and regional and advocacy work.
-Engaging in the full cycle of project development and implementation – from conceptualisation and writing to reporting and evaluation.
-Assisting with the production of in-house organizational publications

Selection Factors
1) Education: Possession of relevant University Degree (Social Science or Law degree’s preferable), certification in projects management, an added advantage. (20 points)
2) Prior Work Experience: 2 years expirience with project implementation and management work in an advocacy field. Previous expirience with implementing campaigns is desirable. (30 points)
3) Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (50 points):
Language Proficiency: High profiency levels of written and spoken English is required. Fluency in other national languages is an advantage.

Candidates must possess a thorough knowledge, and understanding of lobby and advocacy work at various levels. Knowledge on managing value-based projects will be an asset. Candidates must also demonstrate a clear knowledge and understanding of political developments in Zimbabwe and the region. Knowledge of and belief in Democracy and Good governance as well as the ability to interpret various developments using these frameworks is a must for candidates for this position. An understanding of political transitions is also desirable.

Abilities and Skills

Candidates for this position must possess the ability to think outside the box/creatively and possess demonstrable networking and communication skills at various levels. Candidates with organising and or mobilising skills will be considered favourably. Project management skills and abilities will be a key factor in considering successful candidates. Candidates for this position must be effective communicators, with clear thought leadership abilities. Ability to lead and participate in teams will be a considered as part of the selcetion process.

To Apply
Please read this section carefully and follow the instructions closely. Interested applicants must address all the above qualifications in their application. An application should be addressed to the Finance & Administration Manager and include:

1. An application letter, detailing how the applicant meets the above minimum qualifications. Please type your response to each item, e.g Education, and state how you meet the requirement. Failure to do so will result in you not being shortlisted. Your letter must address each of the qualifications listed above.
2. A current resume relevant to the position (no more than 2 pages)

Relevant documentation supporting the minimum requirements listed above should be available upon request, if called for an interview, but do not have to be attached to the application.

Selection Process: The Organisation will screen and short-list the most promising candidates for the above stated positions. Short listed candidates will be invited to an interview process, which may include an oral, and/or written exercises to test knowledge and skills.

Please Note: The Organisation will not be able to contact all applicants.

Please follow these instructions for submission
Please submit email applications via email to: vacanciesopen [at] gmail [dot] com
Position being applied for must be clearly marked as the subject of the email.
Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

Take me

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 by Bev Clark

Take me to your trees. Take me to your breakfasts, your sunsets, your bad dreams, your shoes, your nouns. Take me to your fingers.
- Margaret Atwood, Good Bones

NGO job vacancies in Zimbabwe: apply now!

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 by Bev Clark

Work in and for Zimbabwe. Help grow our nation. Check out the vacancies below. If you’d like to receive this sort of information, as well as civic and human rights updates, by email each week drop us a note saying “subscribe” to:   info [at] kubatana [dot] net

Please note that the job vacancies we carry are related to the NGO and civil society sectors only.

Three (3) positions: Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)
Deadline: 23 November 2012

Start date will be immediate

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is one of the leading organizations working in mine action worldwide.  70 countries are affected by landmines, cluster munitions and other Explosive Remnants of War, NPA works in 28 of them. NPA is starting a new mine action programme to be based in Mutare, Zimbabwe and is looking for dynamic people to join the organization.

Recruitment is currently being conducted for the following positions:

1) Supervisor

Reports to: Operations Manager
Location: Mutare
Start Date: Immediate
End Date: 31.12.2012

General Description: The Supervisor is responsible for daily management of operational tasks assigned to his/her group.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Conduct and supervise non technical survey, technical survey and demining activities
-Carry out the operational activities according to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
-Make sure the team leaders, surveyors and deminers comply with their duties and responsibilities and work according to the SOPs
-Produce the operational plan according to the tasks given
-Make sure the information is recorded correctly
-Establish good relations with Local Authorities, Local Communities, Non Governmental Organizations and other stakeholders in the area of operation

-Submit non technical and technical survey reports as well as clearance and other operational reports to the Operations Manager
-Submit monthly progress reports with respective maps to the Operations Manager
-Provide updated information regarding operations and personnel to the Operations Manager

Other tasks
-Brief the visitors
-Look into all aspects concerning discipline and well fare of personnel under his/her responsibility
-Make sure the field personnel is highly motivated and cooperate with one another
-Other tasks assigned by the Operations Manager

2) Survey Assistant

Reports to: Supervisor
Location: Mutare
Start Date: Immediate
End Date: 31.12.2012

General Description: The Survey Assistant is responsible for gathering the information regarding the areas contaminated by mines, ERW and sub-munitions and their socio-economic impact on affected communities.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Conduct survey interviews and record the information
-Identify the target groups and assess the socio-economic impact on the affected population
-Give Mine Risk Education to the affected population as a part of the survey task
-Mark the identified suspect mined areas
-Conduct the survey task according to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
-Know the medical evacuation procedures

Produce survey reports with respective maps and submit them to the Supervisor

Other tasks
Other tasks assigned by the Supervisor

Skills Requirements
-Demining background preferably with survey experience
-Ability to communicate effectively with the local community

3) Paramedic

Reports to: Medical Coordinator
Location: Mutare
Start Date: Immediate
End Date: 31.12.2012

General Description: The Paramedic is responsible for the medical assistance in the field and must be always prepared for any accident involving NPA Mine Action personnel and if necessary follow the patient to the hospital or clinic in case of a medical evacuation.

Duties and Responsibilities

Medical evacuation (medevac)
-Plan and coordinate the medical evacuation procedures
-Make sure the trauma kit is always complete

Hygiene and health care
-Make sure a high standard of hygiene is maintained in the field camps and operation site
-Provide medical assistance to NPA MA staff in the field

-Open personal files medical for the staff in the field team and record all information medical personal information (sicknesses, treatments etc)
-Assist the team leaders and supervisors to keep good relations and a good psychological atmosphere with the team (eg Moral support, psychological interviews etc.)

-Provide the Medical Coordinator with monthly reports and incident reports
-Submit the documents regarding treatment of staff and others to the Medical Coordinator

Other tasks
Other tasks assigned by the Medical Coordinator

To apply, please write a full CV with traceable references and submit by email to marionu [at] npaid [dot] org and sheilam [at] npaid [dot] org

NPA is an equal opportunity employer and women are strongly encouraged to apply.

A fine balance

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Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 by Bev Clark