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Zimbabwe ISO 46 charged with treason

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 by Amanda Atwood

I went to court this evening to support my colleague and the 45 other accused who are still in custody following a meeting of the International Socialist Organisation of Zimbabwe (ISO). The accused include Munyaradzi Gwisai and Hopewell Gumbo. All 46 were at court for a good hour before the Magistrate arrived, and then the lawyer for the prosecution looked surprised that the Magistrate – and the lawyers for the accused – wanted the accused persons to appear in the court. So it took another age before everyone was brought in, and named, and accounted for.

Meanwhile, the prosecution had sprung new charges on the accused at the last minute – the lawyers for the accused weren’t even aware of them until they all got to court. The surprise extra charge? Treason. Plotting to overthrow the government through unconstitutional means is now just the back up charge.

Meanwhile, the charges themselves feel flimsy as air. Allegedly, this group of 46 people got together, watched a DVD, listened to some speeches, and then developed plans as to how they were going to overthrow the government. Evidence of this includes DVDs of events in Egypt and Tunisia. And some placards with the ISO emblem on them supporting socialism with slogans like Marxism this year! And MDC Ndizvo!

Seriously. What thinking person can look at all of this and build a case of treason from it? Or even one of plotting to overthrow the government through unconstitutional means. Firstly, how is supporting Marxism or socialism treasonous – particularly when you think about the rhetoric of the post-Liberation Mugabe government! Never mind the fact that the MDC isn’t socialist or Marxist, so if you were really some Marxist revolutionary you probably wouldn’t be supporting the MDC. Never mind the fact that watching the DVD and having a discussion about it isn’t unconstitutional – in fact, the Constitution allegedly supports civic rights like freedom of opinion. Not to mention the sheer logistics – in the time between when the meeting started and when the police “responded to a tip off” (according to the charges) and raided it, there would barely have been enough time to watch a video and listen to some speeches. Imagine how long it would take 46 people to seriously develop plans to overthrow a government. And even the government’s evidence itself is patchy. One of the supporting documents of their case is the agenda of the meeting – where it was stated that the purpose was to show solidarity with workers in Tunisia and Egypt. Somehow in the Shona translation of the charges, this got turned into Chimurenga, but no one objected to that. In what society is expressing solidarity with workers treasonous?

Anyway, their charges having been read out, the accused were asked to raise their hands if they did not understand the charges. One by one at least five people raised their hands, until the Magistrate stopped the proceedings. He asked the lawyers for the accused if they should even be representing them if they hadn’t explained the charges to the clients. The lawyer asked how could they have explained the charges if this treason charge had just been sprung on them at the last minute. Fair enough, the Magistrate said, take some time and explain them to your clients; we’ll meet back here tomorrow. The Magistrate wanted 8:30, but the prosecution had another matter at 10, so after another power play back and forth they settled on 11:15. Meanwhile, these 46 have been remanded in custody for their fifth night. Understandably, they look tired and stressed and unhappy. How can you keep people in custody for five nights on such baseless charges?

I wanted the Magistrate to look at the lawyer for the prosecution and tell him what a useless knob he was. I wanted him to hear the charges and say there is no way there can be any grounds for a treason case in here, and dismiss the matter. I wanted him to laugh in that lawyers face and say Really? Treason? What dictionary did you use? This is absurd and it’s a waste of everybody’s time, and I want you to leave my court and never come back. I wanted the Magistrate to say there isn’t anything vaguely substantiated here, release everyone immediately and proceed by way of summons if and when you ever have a case against these people. I wanted those accused who had raised their hands to say they didn’t understand to be honoured as heroes. I wanted those 46 people to receive an apology, a sincere one, and to be sent home tonight.

Instead, justice got her face laughed in. From beginning to end the exercise was a distasteful charade of what justice is supposed to mean. The Magistrate’s court itself is dirty, cramped, smelly and rundown. If that’s the kind of court we have, is it any wonder we get rotten justice out of it?

The heroines of our struggle

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 by Delta Ndou

A while ago, I came across a definition of feminism that said feminism was a declaration of the “presence of our (women) absence” and though I did not give it much thought at the time – recent events have made me mull over the sentiment.

The death of Thenjiwe Virginia Lesabe came as a shock to me; I admired the woman and had always secretly harboured hopes of meeting her one day; then writing a biography of her life. She’s not the only one, in fact, the book already has a title – “The heroines of our struggle” and it is my desire to preserve the unvarnished truth of women’s overwhelming contribution towards the liberation of this country.

I want to write about the female freedom fighters; about their courage and sacrifice about their lives and perhaps about those who died for this country.

I want to pen a book that speaks of women like Thenjiwe Virginia Lesabe but her untimely death now robs me of a story that I feel desperately needed to be told – to future generations, to present generations and also more importantly to proclaim that there were women in the frontlines of war too.

Increasingly the history of the struggle for liberation has become a story about men; it is a story about how certain men lived in exile, how they were imprisoned, how they sat at negotiating tables, how they fought and how they won the war.

It is a story that tells us nothing of the women who lived exiled besides these men, nothing of how these women were imprisoned as well, nothing of how these women fought too or how they also won the war. Of course it says nothing about how the women sat at negotiation tables; and why should it – the women weren’t there anyway.

The manner in which the story of the country’s liberation has been told, the narrations in textbooks, in interviews, in TV coverage of that era and the present day resoundingly declares the absence of women from the hard won achievement of gaining independence.

A case in point is how we’ve named streets only after male freedom fighters as if women had nothing to do with the liberation struggle. I stand to be corrected but as far as I know, the only woman who has a street named after her is Mbuya Nehanda and while she was an iconic figure during the colonial period – she hardly ranks as a ‘foot soldier’ – her contribution lies largely in her astounding role of the defiant spirit medium whose death galvanized many to take up arms and fight.

Not to diminish her role in anyway – I don’t think she ever fired an AK47 or took part in any form of combat but her luminous place in the history of our country’s struggle is well-earned. Now if the street names are anything to go by – does that mean Mbuya Nehanda is the only woman who merits mention when it comes to honouring those who immensely contributed to the liberation of this country?

I am not saying every single hero or heroine has to be made mention of because they are far too many to mention but I am wondering in the years to come – who will remember the other women – the silent unsung heroines of our struggle?

Who will even notice the presence of their absence in the annals of history?

Who will stop to rack their brain and state even one woman who fired a shot during the war or brought down an aircraft?

Where there no such women? In naming streets after heroic liberation figures; we immortalize their names and we guarantee that their names do not sink into oblivion. Not a day goes by when the name of Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo goes unmentioned because people make appointments to meet at a street named after him; George Silundika’s name remains on the lips of the public because they pass on addresses of buildings that are located on a street named after him.

In every city and town the same roll call of names is there – sealing forever in our minds and lips the great men who fought and died for the liberation of this country.

We have Herbert Chitepo, Josiah Tongogara, Samuel Parirenyatwa among many other fallen heroes honoured through streets, schools, hospitals, airports and so many other geographical features, structures and localities – but where are the women’s names?

Even in history books the omission goes un-noted. The presence of an absence goes un-captured. I recall using the text book, “People making history” in my secondary education over a decade ago and Mbuya Nehanda was the only prominent women whose name was mentioned in the pages.

I wonder now whether the authors should have not just titled the book “Men making history” because it is very misleading to have a narrative that is almost exclusively about men and their supposed “single-handed” liberation war exploits being masqueraded as a representation of “people” when it ignores the contributions and sacrifices of women.

30 years into an independent Zimbabwe and the presence of that absence has still gone un-remedied.

Every year, Heroes’ Day is commemorated and the media is awash with the same tedious video clips of men winning the war (without women) and of men being interviewed about events that occurred during that era (as if there were no women present) and at the end of the day it seems like the whole event is about celebrating the exploits of men.

When I heard of the death of Thenjiwe Virginia Lesabe; the woman who was instrumental in the creation of the Ministry of Gender, Women Affairs and Community Development and subsequently the first person to hold the post of Minister in that portfolio, I was devastated. Her death robs us of the chance to learn about the life, times and experiences of one of Zimbabwe’s most prominent female ex-combatants and sadly; a chapter goes missing in the unheralded tales of the heroines of our struggle.

It’s 9pm and I’m angry

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 by Amanda Atwood

My colleague who was arrested on Saturday has still not been released, nor have any of the other 45 detainees including Munyaradzi Gwisai and Hopewell Gumbo. Seven of them were meant to appear in court today and were expected to be charged as organisers of the Saturday meeting – the remainder, including my colleague, thought they would be going home today. Instead, no one appeared in court, and it sounds like police are applying for a warrant for further detention.

I am angered enough by the fact of these 46 people festering in police cells for four nights for no good reason. I’m even more angered by reports that some have been tortured in police custody. Gwisai, for example, reportedly needs help to walk, he has been so badly beaten.

I’m further angered by the reason why these 46 are in custody: They were having a discussion about recent events in North Africa. They watched a video of news clips – the same news clips anyone with satellite television or YouTube access could have watched for themselves.

Some people argue this is a positive development – like look, the regime is scared enough to take this meeting seriously. Others find a silver lining, in that this prolonged detention has sparked email petitions and Facebook pages and news headline and barroom discussions that would otherwise not have happened – like if the regime hadn’t made such a big deal by arresting these people, the meeting would have come and gone and barely made a ripple. Now? There are waves.

But me? I’m just angry. I’m angry and I want them out now.

I’m angry because it’s events like this that put paid to the big lie which is the GPA. It’s not an inclusive government; it’s a regime in Fat Face’s clothing.

I’m angry at myself – for naively thinking that these 46 wouldn’t be arrested when the police appeared at the meeting, and then for thinking that they would be released on Monday, and then for thinking that they would be released on Tuesday. And I’m angry with myself for allowing myself to become so inured to this regime that the fact of the police at the meeting seems normal.

And I’m angry for not having any idea about where to take this anger – for having no idea of a constructive outlet for it. What can I do for my colleague and these 45 other individuals? Who can I appeal to with any hope of success? I feel like the people who might listen don’t have any power. And the people who have power would never listen.

My love is too sanctified to have it thrown back on my face

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 by Elizabeth Nyamuda

I recently watched Tyler Perry’s movie, “For Colored Girls“. This movie is based on Ntozake Shange’s stage play, ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When The Rainbow Is Enuf“. The movie opens with an interesting approach . . . a series of voice-overs, with the lines of a poem serving as each woman’s interior monologue, until their voices layer over one another in a crescendo of despair.

A wonderful cast lines up for this movie Janet Jackson (Jo), Whoopi Goldberg (Alice), Thandie Newton (Tangie), Kimberly Elise (Crystal), Phylicia Rashad (Gilda), Anika Noni Rose (Yasmine), Kerry Washington (Kelly), Loretta Devine (Juanita). Macy Gray (Rose), Tessa Thompson (Nyla) and many others.

Each of the women portray one of the characters represented in the collection of twenty poems, revealing different issues that impact women in general, and women of color in particular. The movie contains scenes about child murder, rape, domestic abuse, an illegal abortion, prostitution, and infertility among others. My favourite part of the movie is towards the end when all the actresses gather and Juanita takes them thorough self-realization of their love’s worth. These are words from the end scene:

Juanita: Now, how many times have you heard your man say it don’t feel the same? My love is too beautiful to have it thrown back on my face.
Yasmine: I like that.
Juanita: Try one.
Yasmine: What?
Juanita: Well, I do it all the time in my class. You just say, “My love is too ____,” and you just fill in the blank.
Gilda: My love is too sanctified to have it thrown back on my face.
Kelly: My love is too magic to have it thrown back on my face.
Tangie: My love is too “Saturday Night” to have it thrown back on my face.
Jo: My love is too complicated to have it thrown back on my face.
Yasmine: My love is too music to have it thrown back on my face.
Juanita: Yes, and you remember that when a man tries to walk off with all your stuff!

And now for me: Zimbabwe my love for you is too sanctified to have it thrown back in my face. And I will remember this each time people’s rights and dignity are trampled on.

Employment opportunities in Zimbabwe

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 by Bev Clark

Hello out there.  Work in and for Zimbabwe. Help grow our nation. Check out the vacancies below. If you’d like to receive this sort of information by email each week drop us a note saying “subscribe” to info [at] kubatana [dot] net

Four (4) vacancies: BUIYSAP
Deadline: 24 February 2011


BUIYSAP is charitable, non-political and non-profit making youth project. BUIYSAP exists to empower the disadvantaged young people of Bulawayo and Matabeleland to break the cycle of poverty that will enable them to become self-reliant and to break the culture of silence so that they can make meaningful contributions to their own future.

1. Leadership Officer


* Degree/Diploma in Development Studies or Related field
* At least two years relevant working experience with youths and rural communities
* Computer literate
* Driver’s licence


* Responsible for the Youth Leadership Development at BUIYSAP
* Responsible for enhancing an integrated approach to Leadership Development i.e. Livelihood Training Activities and Advocacy for Basic Rights, both at Conceptual, Planning and Methodological levels
* Compile the Leadership Training Report for inclusion into the “BUIYSAP Status and Progress Report” and the Annual or Semi-Annual Reports. Prepare and produce educational material for use in BUIYSAP Leadership and other sessions

2. Life Skills Officer


* Degree/ Diploma in Development Studies or Degree or Diploma in Counselling or HIV/AIDS Management
* At least two years relevant working experience with youth and rural communities
* Computer literate
* Driver’s licence


* Responsible for the Life skills training programme
* Responsible for developing the Life Skills manual with the support from other relevant stakeholders
* See to it that Life Skills plans are implemented
* Hold Life Skills training sessions at least once a week
* Ensure that monthly evaluations of trainees are done
* Responsible for implementation of LPS activities according to plans and budgets

3. Accountant


* Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Accounting or Higher National Diploma in Accounting or equivalent qualifications
* 2 years experience in NGO accounting environment
* Pastel is a must


* Inspects books of accounts in the form of Cashbook, General Ledger and analysis book and maintain and update regularly whenever an accounting transaction occurs
* Uses manual or on computerized accounting package
* Prepare the financial report
* Plan cash flow, prepare reconciliations, trial balance, income & expenditure statement and balance sheet, consolidate all payment vouchers, deposit vouchers and journals and ensure that they are posted into the respective cashbook, general ledger and analysis book
* Monitor budget against actual income and expenditure and carry out variance analysis

4. Administration secretary


* Certificate/Diploma in accounting
* Computer literate
* Experience in NGO accounting, will be an added advantage


* Prepare all payment requisitions and attach all relevant supporting documentation i.e. invoices, contracts, receipts etc
* Prepare and forward the requisition to the heads of department then to the Coordinator for approval
* Ensure all cash received is receipted and immediately banked
* Record all stock supplies in a stock supplies register immediately upon receipt
* Keep the following books, Cheque Books, Goods received Note books, Invoice/Debit Note books, Receipt Books, Petrol purchase order books/Fuel Coupons, used cheques, Audited Accounts

Hand deliver your application with CV to: The Board Chairperson, Dan Square Building, Office 8A, 55 Josia Tongogara and 4th Avenue, Bulawayo

Or respond by e-mail: eefexkay [at] yahoo [dot] com

Phone: +263-9-64575, +263-772-577331, +263-773-715982

NB. Only short listed candidates will be advised.

Two (2) positions: Local NGO
Deadline: 25 February 2011

1. Receptionist/Telephonist

2. Temporary Secretary/P.A.

A Harare based N.G.O. is looking to fill the above vacant positions and is therefore inviting interested individuals to submit applications and CVs not later than 25 February 2011. Reporting to the Office Manager, both positions require versatile mature individuals with a minimum of 3 years relevant previous experience. Other key attributes and requisites include, but are not limited to: a sound academic and professional background with a minimum of 5 ‘O’-levels; good track record; traceable references and and a pleasant disposition. The Receptionist position is fixed term contract post subject to renewal and the Secretarial position is a temporary post intended to run for three (3) months from 01 March 2011. This position is NOT subject to renewal.

Interested individuals are advised to submit letters of motivation together with current CVs not later than 25 February 2011 to: vacancies211 [at] gmail [dot] com

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Part-time Programme Director: Envision
Deadline: 25 February 2011

Reporting to Building Bridges Partnership

Main responsibility
To provide strategic and implementation leadership for Building Bridges work with communities in Zimbabwe


* To provide overall technical and administrative management of Building Bridges programme including:
o To supervise and coordinate the planning and implementation of the Building Bridges programme
o To oversee and quality control project activities and deliverables
o To monitor project performance against work plan objectives
o To develop and implement solutions to identified problems
o To ensure compliance with local laws and donor requirements
o To manage human and other project resources
* To guide the design, implementation, analysis and documentation of results of the programme
* To document best practices and ensure dissemination of information on programme activities
* To develop and maintain good working relationships with donors and stakeholders


* Degree in development or related field
* Minimum of three years experience in NGO programme management
* Experience in conflict transformation work at community level
* Good knowledge of gender issues
* Ability to work independently (coordinate implementation of research project) without direct supervision
* Good interpersonal communication skills and ability to manage a team
* Ability to undertake regular travel within the country
* Driving license
* Computer literacy
* Excellent communication skills both verbal and written (documentation, report writing) in both English and Shona.

Contract Specifics

* Ideal start: April 2011
* Post is based in Harare with field travel as required for specific projects

The deadline for application is the 25th February 2011

Please address your CVs and application letter to: Sinikiwe Machanja, Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust, 9 Belfast Road, Emerald Hill or email smachanja [at] gmail [dot] com

Five (5) positions: The Zimbabwe National Network Of PLHIV (ZNNP+)
Deadline: 25 February 2011 (12 noon)

Faith Based Officer

Purpose: Co-Ordinate The Activities Of Member Religious Inter Faith Based Organizations

Main responsibilities: Coordinate HIV/AIDS activities of religious inter faith organizations and affiliate partner organizations, develop and manage the capacity building activities, coordinate the networking activities and resource mobilize for relevant activities.

Provincial Coordinator – Matabeleland South

Purpose: Facilitate Information Sharing And Co-Ordinate Capacity Development At Support Group Level

Main responsibilities: Coordinate provincial activities of the organization, develop and manage the provincial capacity building programme, coordinate the networking activities with identified key organizations, create awareness about the organisation, explore programming ideas and submit for proposals development, ensure timeliness and successful implementation of activities, prepare reports, develop and maintain a database of membership.

Qualifications and experience for Faith Based Office and Provincial Co-ordinator

- A degree in or diploma in social sciences, public health, law or equivalent from a recognized institution.
- A certificate or diploma in counselling and past relevant experience would be an added advantage.
- Ability and passion to work with people living with HIV/AIDS, excellent communication, interpersonal and computer skills, at least 5 years experience in an NGO environment.
- Computer literacy and a clean class 4 driver’s license is a MUST.

Three (3) drivers

Purpose: Ensure That All Errands Are Effectively Undertaken

Main responsibilities: Carry out delivery and collection errands, ensure motor vehicles properly maintained, effectively administer the vehicle log logging system and perform any other duties as required. Qualifications and experience Clean Class 4 Driver’s license, valid defensive driving certificate, an aptitude towards motor vehicle maintenance, at least 5 years driving experience, at least 5 “O” level passes, ability and passion to work with people living with HIV/AIDS, excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Interested and suitably qualified candidates are encouraged to submit applications together with CVs via email to info.znnp [at] gmail [dot] com or courier or hand deliver to The Executive Director, ZNNP+, No 28 Divine Road, Milton Park, Harare.

People living positively are highly encouraged to apply.

Counter-Trafficking Officer: International Organisation for Migration (IOM)
Deadline: 27 February 2011

Vacancy Notice: SV2011/003
Type of Appointment: Special Short Term, six months with possibility extension

General functions:
Under the direct supervision of the Head of Programme, the general guidance of the Regional Counter-Trafficking Programme Manager and in coordination with the
Migration Health Advisor, the Counter Trafficking Officer will be responsible and accountable for managing the Counter-Trafficking Unit as well as the development and implementation of the overall counter-trafficking programme. In particular, s/he will:

1. Monitor national, regional and international migration trends and specific information of the geographical area for the strategic planning and development of human trafficking related programmes.
2. Coordinate, monitor and guide all IOM Zimbabwe counter-trafficking projects in accordance with IOM procedures and regulations to ensure financial and programming expected results including:
- Capacity building for the prevention and combat of human trafficking in Zimbabwe;
- Technical assistance for the development of public policies and a comprehensive legislation for national anti-trafficking initiatives; and
- Support to the implementation of strategies to prevent human trafficking in Zimbabwe
3. Set up and maintain IOM counter trafficking network throughout the country and train relevant IOM staff in International victim assistance guidelines for conducting interviews with trafficked persons and determine their eligibility as beneficiaries of assistance under counter-trafficking programme or other IOM programs;
4. Coordinate the implementation of direct assistance to victims with particular focus on ensuring, to the extent possible, the physical safety of counter-trafficking beneficiaries, and advise on all security matters related to the Programme;
5. Collect, analyse and disseminate information related to human trafficking in Zimbabwe and support counter-trafficking and safe journey information dissemination and campaign efforts in Zimbabwe;
6. Prepare regular project reports and donor reports according to IOM Zimbabwe and donor requirements;
7. Liaise and maintain efficient operational relationship with relevant key stakeholders in Zimbabwe, such as government, international organizations, non-governmental organizations providing care, counseling and support services to victims of trafficking;
8. Represent IOM at relevant stakeholder meetings in Zimbabwe and give presentations and conduct training briefings as required;
9. Prepare the IOM Zimbabwe counter trafficking strategy for 2011-2013;
10. Identify and develop counter-trafficking project ideas and proposals in collaboration with the Project Development Unit;
11. Implement a resource mobilization strategy to bridge the financial gaps within the unit;
12. Provide and share information and lessons learned with IOM Counter Trafficking focal points, both globally and regionally to build technical capacity within IOM;
13. Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Chief of Mission in support of the Mission.

Desired qualifications:

a) Completed postgraduate university degree preferably in Law from an accredited academic institution.
b) A university degree in Social Work or related field acceptable.
c) A minimum of 3 years experience in social work and/or public interest law or related field, with background in working with vulnerable groups, especially migrants, women and children, and training in governmental and non-governmental contexts.
d) Good writing/communication, presentation and networking skills essential.
e) Excellent spoken and written English is essential and in-depth knowledge of local culture and languages, essential.
f) High level of computer literacy in MS Office applications.

a) Managerial skills, personal commitment and self-motivation,
b) Excellent communications skills, both written and oral, including the ability to prepare clear and concise reports.
d) Capacity to work effectively, flexibly and harmoniously within a team and with colleagues from various cultures and professional background.
e) Strong strategic and creative thinking.
f) Personal interest, commitment, efficiency, flexibility and willingness to work in difficult areas/situations and under pressure.

Languages: Excellent oral and written communications skills of English are a prerequisite.

Method of application: Interested candidates are required to submit a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae marked “Counter-Trafficking Officer” to the Human Resources Officer, P O Box 2570, Harare or hand deliver at IOM Harare, 142 King George Road, Avondale, Harare or email: vacancieshre [at] iom [dot] int

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted. If you have not heard from us by the 4 March 2011, please kindly accept that your application was unsuccessful.

Three (3) positions: Population Services Zimbabwe
Deadline: 27 February 2011

Be at the heart of an organisation that’s at the heart of the community!

Population Services Zimbabwe (PSZ) is a market focused, result oriented non-governmental organisation. We develop efficient, effective and sustainable family planning and reproductive health programmes, with particular emphasis on the lower income and disadvantaged communities in Zimbabwe. What we do makes a real difference to people’s lives, so its absolutely crucial that we fill our organisation with passionate people.

1. Marketing officer

Duration: 12 months Fixed Term Contract

As Marketing officer, you’ll take overall responsibility of the planning and preparation of PSZ’s marketing plans and budgets; co-ordinate national and clinic specific marketing plans in conjunction with clinic managers and teams; and monitor the marketing plan throughout the year to ensure that it is meeting business objectives and targets.


* A Degree in Marketing from a reputable institute
* IMM Diploma


* 3 – 5 years marketing experience in a reputable health organisation
* Management of advertising campaigns, market research, promotions and events and publications
* Print and design

Key Skills and Abilities

* Managing rapidly changing priorities
* IT proficiency in all MS packages
* DTP packages desirable
* Excellent written, presentation and verbal communication skills

Possession of a clean Class 4 Driver’s Licence is vital.

2. Procurement and Logistics Officer

Duration: 12 months Fixed Term Contract

As Procurement and Logistics Officer, you will be responsible for the overall sourcing of all goods and services for PSZ, as well as overseeing the logistical functions of the organisation.


* A Degree or HND in Purchasing and Supply from a reputable institute
* Professional qualification in Logistics


* 3-5 years of procurement and logistics management, preferably in a health organisation
* Knowledge of pharmaceuticals
* Working knowledge of fleet management and maintenance

Key Skills and Abilities

* Team player
* Excellent organisation skills
* IT proficiency in all MS Office packages
* Excellent written, presentation and verbal communication skills
* Proficiency in computerized procurement and logistics packages
* Good report writing skills

Possession of a clean Class 4 Drivers’ Licence is vital.

3. HR and Admin Officer

Duration: 12 months Fixed Term Contract

As HR & Admin Officer, you will provide HR Service in the following ways:

* Payroll Administration
* Personnel Administration
* Database Administration
* Contract Preparation
* Staff Induction
* Staff welfare
* Training and Development
* Administrative and logistical support to the Support Office (Head Office)


* A Degree in Human Resources or related field from a reputable institute
* IPMZ Diploma


* 3 – 5 years of relevant experience in human resources and administration
* Working knowledge of Payday Payroll and HR Management System
* Experience of setting up and maintaining efficient systems and record keeping

Key Skills and Abilities

* Excellent organisation skills
* IT proficiency in all MS packages
* Ability to use own initiative and prioritise workload
* Excellent written, presentation and verbal communication skills
* Team player

Possession of a clean Class 4 Drivers’ Licence is vital.

If you would like to be considered for any of these roles, please submit a covering letter and CV, outlining your experience to date, to:

The Team Development Manager
9 Bisley Circle

Or send an email to recruitment [at] pszim [dot] com

Interview date: Week commencing 7th March 201
Start date: ASAP

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Office Secretary/Cashier: Cordaid
Deadline: 3 March 2011

Base Station: Harare
Contract Duration: Initial fixed term of 3 months (probation period)
Terms: According to Cordaid’s Salary and Human Resource policy

Cordaid is an international catholic non-governmental organization, which combines more than 90 years of experience and expertise in emergency and structural poverty eradication. It has a network of almost a thousand partner organizations in 36 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our counterpart’s organizations work on various themes, including participation, emergency aid and reconstruction, health and well-being and entrepreneurship.

Improving Maternal and Neonatal health is one of the key objectives of the MOHCW. In line with this, the World Bank has decided to support the establishment of a results based financing program (RBF) which seeks to accelerate the availability, accessibility and utilization of quality health services at district and health centre level. The RBF programme will provide subsidies, directly linked to services delivered at primary health care level, i.e. rural (public and church-related not for profit) health clinics, and to a minor extent at secondary level, i.e. hospitals. The MoHCW and the World Bank have appointed an international NGO, Cordaid, to manage this Results Based Financing (RBF) program focused on supporting primary level of care and district hospitals in Zimbabwe.

Position & Responsibility

The secretary will be required to carry out all secretary related functions in support of the Head of Mission and other members of the management team. The tasks to be carried out are as follows:
-    To maintain communication flows/distribution/filing
-    To provide telephone and e-mail services
-    To draft communications, reports, minutes of meetings, etc. as required
-    To take care of office equipment and supplies
-    Manage the daily payments from the petty cash in accordance with the procedures in force (receipt and disbursement of funds) and establish, sign and issue appropriate receipts
-    To keep daily updated the cash book

Required Skills and Qualifications:
-    Holder of a recognized Diploma in Secretarial Studies, or Certificate in Secretarial Studies and or Certificate in Office Management.
-    Strong Bookkeeping knowledge is desired for this post.

Desired Qualities
-    At least 5 years of professional experience
-    Independent and dynamic
-    Capable of organising his/her own work
-    Trustworthy and confidential as required
-    Pleasant and polite at all times
-    Command of English and the local language
-    Experience with relevant computer software packages
-    Communicative, systematic, accurate, and open
-    Fostering a spirit of teamwork
-    Zimbabwean nationality

Availability and contract length:
-    Candidates must be available to start work on 15th of March 2011. An earlier start date is an added ad-vantage.
-    The initial fixed-term contract for this position will end on 15/06/2011. Possible contract extension after this date will depend on performance and project needs.

How to apply
Applications including a cover letter and extensive CV in English, including the contact details of at least three professional references, should be sent by email only to harare.office [at] cordaid [dot] net – mention the Position in Subject line. Female Candidates are encouraged to apply. Only short listed candidates will be contacted. Interviews will be held between Monday March 7 and Friday March 11. Cordaid is an equal opportunity employer and offer attractive remuneration package.

Please note that only short-listed applicants will be contacted for this position. An assessment will be part of the procedure.

Reconciliation Officer – CPIA
Deadline: 5 March 2011

The Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa (CPIA),a regional peace organization based in Zimbabwe, is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of Reconciliation Officer:

The post will carry the following responsibilities and the incumbent will be required to have the skills described:


* Prepare and implement strategic and operational plans for the national reconciliation programme.
* Ensure smooth organization, implementation and coordination of the activities and logistics of the national reconciliation.
* Build and maintain the profile of the project within CPIA and with external role players.
* Undertake research that will inform intervention strategies in the area of reconciliation.
* Prepare progress and other reports on the implementation of the programme.
* Develop project proposals particularly related to the objectives and targets of CPIA.
* Development and promotion of new networks and partners, linked to the above.
* Regular and timely reporting (internal and external) on ensuing project and activities.
* Perform any other related tasks as assigned by the Executive Chairman/Executive Director.


* At least Masters degree or equivalent qualifications in Peace Studies or related Social Sciences
* Two years work experience in a similar work environment
* Excellent knowledge of the current global political and social trends and that of the history and prevailing economic and political climate in Zimbabwe.
* Good working knowledge of research methods and research design.
* Well organized, efficient and attentive to detail.
* Maintenance of highest degree of confidentiality and maturity in handling sensitive matters.
* Good writing and editing skills with the ability to abstract and synthesize information from a range of sources.
* Strong information management skills, experience in strategic thinking and ability to work independently within a framework of careful communication, consultation and decision making.
* Demonstrate computer skills, use of electronic mail and internet.
* Ability to travel frequently and under the particular travel requirements of the assignment.
* Flexibility in assuming additional responsibilities

Negotiable salary

Please submit CV’s to the Executive Chairman, c/o Judith Kamutepfa, Director of Operations, 5 Corrine Close, Bluffhill, Harare, Or email to judykamutepfa1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Operations Research Officer: The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)
Deadline: 7 March 2011 (12 noon)

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare seeks to support virtual elimination of pediatric HIV in Zimbabwe. This will be done using additional funding for the next five years. All implementation will be guided by national health strategy and in close collaboration with the MOHCW health teams at national, provincial, district and site level.

The Operations Research Officer will contribute to the development, training, implementation and data quality of EGPAF operations research activities that support the expansion and optimization of PMTCT services in Zimbabwe.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

* Participate in OR protocol development for PMTCT and Pediatric HIV care
* Contribute to the design of data collection materials
* Submit and ensure IRB approvals for all EGPAF supported research activities are obtained and kept up to date
* Maintain all required regulatory documentation including correspondence with relevant IRBs
* Provide support for OR training activities, implementation of research protocols, and study procedures
* Participate and support data collection activities as necessary
* Participate in data compilation, data cleaning and reporting
* Participate in annual work plan development and review
* Through the Technical Director liaise with US based research departments personnel as needed


* MBChB, PHD or Master’s degree in public health related field with 4-8 years’ proven experience in the conduct of clinical, behavioral or operational research in Africa.
* Experience conducting and training staff to conduct focus group discussion, in-depth interviews, piloting tools, or community research experience are a plus.
* Skills in linking research and M&E.
* Knowledgeable in country level data management and compilation.
* Managerial skills – able to manage/co-ordinate the staff collecting data.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

* Previous working experience in Zimbabwe and knowledge of local culture.
* Ability to work well independently and within a team.
* Good knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS issues in the health sector.
* Good understanding of research methodologies, research ethics.
* Good attention to detail and excellent follow-through.
* Strong written and verbal skills.
* Computer literacy.
* Ability and willingness to undertake frequent in-country travel.


* Contract will be for an initial 6-month period with a possibility of extension during the 5-year implementation cycle.
* Post is full time based in Harare.
* To apply send a cover letter and CV by email to recruit.orasst [at] pedaids [dot] org
* Emails should not exceed 30kb size. Emails larger than this will be automatically deleted.
* Applications should be received no later than 12 noon Monday, 7th March, 2011.
* Applications received outside the stated channels will be disqualified.
* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
* EGPAF is an equal opportunity employer.

Regional Compliance Officer: Catholic Relief Services – Southern Africa Regional Office
Deadline: 7 March 2011

The Regional Compliance Officer (RCO) is a newly created position in the Southern Africa Region and it is part of the Regional Management Quality Team led by the Deputy Regional Director for Management Quality (DRD/MQ).  The RCO is responsible for ensuring that the management quality standards in the region are achieved.  The RCO works very closely with the DRD/MQ and the Regional Finance Officer (RFO) and the management quality team at the country program level to increase the country programs’ awareness of relevant management quality standards, best practices and to provide assistance in improving the MQ systems to include: financial, compliance, administrative, procurement, property/inventory, and human resources. The primary focus of the position will be compliance and finance related issues

Required Qualifications & Experience

-    Bachelors degree required in a related field, such as Accounting, Auditing, Finance or management; CPA, CIA
-    Five years of progressively responsible and directly relevant professional experience (e.g. risk management, compliance/audit, finance, accounting, grants management )
-    Strong and fluent (verbal and written) in the English language; very good writing skills
-    Knowledge of USG regulations and other regulatory compliance requirements affecting US non-profit organizations working internationally
-    Previous experience working with institutional donors (e.g. USAID, EU, UN)
-    Skilled in collecting, synthesizing and analyzing data; detail-oriented
-    Knowledge of CRS’ systems, policies and procedures preferred; understands financial impact of activities
-    Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge and provide coaching and training
-    Familiarity with and acceptance of CRS Guiding Principles
-    Demonstrated strengths in relationship management; able to work cooperatively with diverse groups of people at all levels in a multicultural team environment
-    Strong quantitative and analytical skills
-    Willingness and ability to travel approximately 30-40% of time within the region, CRS/HQ and other agency locations throughout the world.

Foreign Language Requirements: French is highly preferred; Portuguese is desirable.

Those who meet the above criteria are invited to submit their applications together with a cover letter and detailed Curriculum Vitae that includes the names and contact details (plus e-mails addresses) of three traceable references. Applications should be clearly marked “REGIONAL COMPLIANCE OFFICER”.  Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.  Please submit to:  recruitment [at] saro [dot] crs [dot] org

I beg for human rights to be respected in Zimbabwe

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 by Elizabeth Nyamuda

Beggars in Zimbabwe used to be so gentle and they would ask for ‘rubatsiro’ (help), and it was so touching you would be moved to give them something. You would give away a dollar or think of the meal you threw away last night or the clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer wear. Gone are those days. Begging is more of a profession in Zimbabwe now because not only do the beggars stand at traffic lights but they are also roaming shopping malls in the car parks. They beg using various stories to lure potential donors. Of late they have become fiercer when they demand, and you are scared into giving. They even demand the drink you are having. Anything they see in you car or holding, they want. It’s inevitable . . . in the future they are just going to grab.

I am moved by beggars because I feel most of us Zimbabweans have a ‘beggar being’ in them. We beg for human security. We beg to have the security to know that if one is to fall ill today, they can afford to pay their medical bills. University graduates beg to have jobs in the different sectors of their field of study and expertise. Individuals beg to move freely in the streets of downtown Harare and not fear pocket snatchers. Journalists and activists beg to have a voice that can be heard and their freedom of expression. Citizens beg to have a decent roof over their heads and have the basic life needs, like water and electricity.

And today I beg for human rights to be respected in Zimbabwe.

When you have never had your basic human rights violated, you are quick to say whatever and brush it aside with some pity. But when it gets to you or your loved ones or someone you know it gets disturbing and worrisome. I received a text message from a colleague telling me they were arrested at a meeting they had attended. I was then shocked to learn that all 46 students and union members, who were attending the academic discussion of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) Zimbabwe, had been arrested and detained at a police station. They are being charged with trying to throw out the government by unconstitutional means.

Freedom of speech, the right to assemble and hold a discussion is a fundamental democratic right. But this seems not to apply to Zimbabwe. The arrest of the organizer and the people attending this meeting is a violation of internationally recognised democratic and human rights.

News from Tunisia and Egypt is available on mainstream media to be seen and read 46% of Zimbabweans view satellite channels as revealed by the ZAMPS survey released this month. The same survey also showed an increase in the use of Internet in Zimbabwe.

So honestly what is the big deal if 46 people gathered to watch what everyone else has been watching?