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Citizen feedback on Zimbabwe’s election

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Kubatana continues to receive citizen feedback about the environment on the ground as Zimbabwe prepares for harmonised elections 31 July 2013.  You can read other comments and feedback here, here and here.

  • Zanu PF is forcing business people to remove MDC-T posters from the walls of their shops in Gutu South at Nerupiri Business Centre, and threatening people saying they must vote for Zanu PF because there will be a computer inside the ballot box recording the names of people voting for MDC-T and those people will be beaten at the time of re-run.
  • The way Zanu pf is reacting it shows that they now know that Tsvangirai is ready to rule.
  • Could you please tell Mr PM to boycott for the sake of those who love him. We need peace.
  • I was on a Zanu PF meeting in Tamandai Chipinge East with D Mutasa being the centre man. It was all about M Tsvangirayi, ‘achinzi pasi naye mbavha yevakadzi, hure revarungu. Akauya kuzoparadza dzidzo yakaunzwa na R Mugabe. Chipufkuto chakapinda muminda yatakapihwa navaMugabe 90 percent of the people where not of that area and 10 percent where all from MDC. They were saying vote for Zanu PF kuti nzara ipere.
  • Hello Zimbabweans. Last week when i told you that political violence can start anytime in Mberengwa, some of you cried foul.  Look at what happens today. An Mdc-t supporter by the name Melusi Ngwenya  of  Matibini Village in Mberengwa North constituency was  chased from a funeral because he was carrying Mdc posters on his bicycle.  Sanson Mahwowa of Yorks resettlement  area and Edias Madhumera who are Zanu pf stalwarts  threatened Melusi with unspecified action before chasing him away. The fenural was at Matibini village where a respected old woman was being buried.
  • Intimidation is rife from suspected CIO, soldiers and Zanu PF campaign agents in mission schools rural areas e.g. Murewa South. Newspaper vendors are being threatened not to display newspaper headlines that denounce Zanu PF or their leader.
  • Can we please see a presidential live debate with all presidential candidates like most countries do before elections.
  • Do you really discuss about the underdevelopment of Gokwe-Kana when you deliberate as cabinet/parliament & if so with what solutions?
  • I’m worried about what  the media campaigning live but mdc no coverage it’s not fair
  • Is it true MDC did it during the POLICE election.
  • In Shamva MDC posters are being removed
  • Pres Tsvangiraì mus consider de wishes of the pple 4 de pple know wat they want.
  • Pamberi ne peaceful elections.peace is my responsibility.yo responsibility n our responsibility. Ngativotei murúnyararo.

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