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Zimbabwe election citizen reporting

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With just 15 days to go until Zimbabwe’s harmonised election 31 July, Kubatana subscribers are sharing their on-the-ground observations and citizen reports. In the words of our subscribers:

Chiredzi North Zanu PF winner for MP primary elections yesterday failed to campaign since he gave everything to women at Buffalo Range. Nothing was given to any male attender there.

Please tell Elliot Pfebve to be serious if the party is to win Bindura North. We haven’t seen him while Zanu PF is busy campaigning. Is he still in UK? Please Pfebve prove that you a strong man.

At the MDC-T rallies, the MDC-T leader should take advantage to counter the utterances by ZANU PF to resuscitate the Zim-dollar currency. The Zim-dollar era still brings sad memories of the hard times we underwent through eg inflation, queues for anything everywhere, shortages of goods, cash,etc. The MDC-T should also be careful to handle the question of devolution of power esp in Matebeleland so as to counter utterances by the Ncube/Dabengwa coalition.

I’m in Mufakose. We are being forced to attend Zanu PF rallies and to know who to vote for.

if the rig we do not want to let them do what they want.if they want to kill,they are going to kill everyone.we are going to street as much as every zimbabwean to oust these frogs.change will rule and this is the time.kana vachifunga kuti vacharambirapo regai mazuva akwane varavire zvatakavagadzirira.tirikunopinda mustate house next month masikati.toita zvekumubvisa isisu povho.hakuna mupuriss kana musoja anokwanisa kucontrolla.it will be unstopable.takatsamwa kudarika ivo.tell every mdct suppoter out there kuti ngatisimuke kana vafunga kupenga tichapenga kuvadarika.kana vachifunga kuti vakapenga regai tivaratidze kunonzi kupenga.tazotsamwa manje.tell everyone that revolution is coming.togeyher we will remove mugabe and his thieves. we are tired of this noncense

Aspiring candidate for Wedza North constituency Engineer Musanhi with his Toyota Hilux is seen mobilising some youths to go and attend and listen the  octagenerian leader who is around the country to lure people to vote for him.But not many are willing to attend bt i can see that maybe in the long run many are going to be forced in a bid to break the record made by the long rival of Mugabe,the Premier Morgan Richard Tsvangirai during the launch of the Party Manifesto in the same town.

I wonder if the Sadac Observers have noted it that many Mdc-T posters in Wedza Centre have been all torn,ask them what they think about that.Is there any fair ground to these elections.Im saying things that even a blind man can see.

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