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Vox pops: Zimbabweans speak out on elections

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As Zimbabwe gets ready for elections 31 July, and special voting this weekend, our SMS subscribers have been sharing their thoughts and observations about the electoral environment. Here is some of their feedback:

  • Hatisi kufara ne zviri kuitika kuno kuBudiriro uye nhau dziri kubuda mudzi nhepfenyuro dzino taura zvisizvo pamusoro pa Costa Machingauta. (We are not please about what is going on in Budiriro and the way the media (radio) is bringing out the issue of Costa Machingauta)
  • Police officers are all wearing Zanu-pf regalia. What does that mean?
  • It’s now time up!  People should stand up for their rights! Mazimbabwe hatisadya uroi nokunyara! (Zimbabweans we no longer want to evil against each other) Lets’ vote wisely!
  • We want free and fair election 2 make some developments 2 our country. new plans 2 be beautiful Zimbabwe

One comment to “Vox pops: Zimbabweans speak out on elections”

  1. Comment by Jane High:

    Yesterday our football practice had young men playing football together, laughing and enjoying this great game – some wearing MDC(T) T shirts and some in ZANU T shirts…………….THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.