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Vox Pops – Zimbabweans’ election observations

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Despite challenges with text messaging via international gateways, Kubatana continues to receive on-the-ground feedback and reports from our subscribers across the country ahead of Zimbabwe’s Harmonised Election 31 July. Read some of their comments below. You can get more citizen feedback here, here and here.

  • Sanctions off first then we can have free & fair elections
  • Mugabe gave Chombo a directive to scrap off the bills as party of his campaign, Grace confirmed this at a rally but this time Zanu will not go away with it.
  • PTUZ Masvingo provincial chair investigating suspected deliberate omission of its members on recruitment of polling officers.
  • Let whole world know that all civil servants who’ve been engaged by ZEC during 31 July Election & unfortunately deployed outside their wards shall be technically deprived of their right to vote. Remember they missed out Special Vote so who will decide 4 them? This is not fare please let it be corrected.
  • CIO disturbing JOMIC observer workshop in Concession
  • I would like to say rest in peace to Chiwoniso Maraire. She was a mbira guru. The void she has left in the musical circles is very difficult to fill.
  • Zanu PF irikufamba mudzimba vachinyora mazita evanhu vakaregister kuvhota (Zanu PF is going door-to-door taking down names of people who have registered to vote). This is in Glendale Mazowe
  • Zanu PF youths are terrorising vendors at Budiriro 1 shops
  • Tiri kumandikidzwa kuenda kumapungwe kuno kumazowe south (Here in Mazowe South we’re being forced to go to all night rallies)
  • I think Zimbabweans this is the only opportunity we have get to change the leaders. They force us to do things we don’t want
  • If anybody has cheated the elections by any chance their party must be disqualified otherwise voting will be violating our rights as citizens.
  • Shamva road from Bindura they have not finished constructing this road, its been years.
  • Wad 7 rural in Chipinge has Zanu PF youth beating MDC-T. Activities, pulling MDC-T posters
  • In Makonde a Zanu-PF youth known as Machaya at Godzi is removing MDC posters and once threatened a certain boy saying he should surrender MDC t/shirt to him
  • Chombo yesterday promised Zanu supporters he has 300 stands to allocate them at a rally in white cliff
  • Being in power for 33 years but as a president he cant even address his so called supporters in their language Ndebele what’s wrong?
  • This unity did not make it up because Zanu pf is full of cheaters. How can new voters roll leak to the ward. I saw my name in a new ward voter’s roll
  • Minister Biti & MDC-T party, do u still remember +3000 Zimpost & Telone workers who were dismissed in 2004 by Zanu-PF government which claimed we wanted a regime change in favour of MDC. You promised to look into this issue but until now we haven’t been paid any
  • Vanhu vezanu varikufamba muBudiriro 5 door by door vachitsvaga vanhu vakaregesterea muBudiriro. Kana vavuwana varikuda zita neID number. (People from Zanu are going door-to-door in Budiriro 5, looking for people who have registered to vote. When they find them, they are asking for their names and ID numbers).
  • As we speak we do not have a good enough candidate to be a president all of them are words.
  • Especially in Hurungwe what we need now is ROADS kwaChief MJinga these cars don’t last a season
  • I believe going about lying, verbally abusing opponents and exploiting people’s fears should all amount to voter cheating and rigging. We all vote in pursuit for better lives. We want, especially, Zanu PF to tell the electorate what miracles can they achieve in 5 years which they couldn’t in 33 years. Its not about MDCs or and parties. We want a better Zim which we can all be proud of. We are tired of poverty and idleness. MDC T just happens to be the only other choice. In life the only thing that brings hope is change. I’m in Chitungwiza
  • Pane murume anozviti Doglous Kwiri anozvidaidza nerekuti comrade masango.he is intimidating MDC Members in Mvuma, zimbabwe especially muradzikwa tinashe and paul Banda mayouths eMDC T. Yesterday akadambura maposters eMDC.achiti lam above the law. Hanzi even Mugabe knows that. we have not reported the case  to the police because he threatened these two youths with a gun saying by the end of this month they will be dead or disappeared. Many people are afraid of this holigan. I urge Zimbabwe to have peace. (There is a guy named Douglas Kwiri he calls himself comrade Masango. He is intimidating MDC members in Mvuma, Zimbabwe especially Muradzikwa Tinashe and Paul Banda, youths of the MDC-T. Yesterday he removed MDC posters bragging he is above the law and that even Mugabe knows that. We have not reported the matter to the police because he threatened these two youths with a gun saying by the end of this month they will be dead or will disappear. Many people are afraid of this hooligan. I urge Zimbabweans to have peace)
  • We all know Zanu PF thugs are burning the midnight oil every day to come up with ways to rig the elections. I encourage all Zimbabweans to go out in massive to vote them out.
  • Please zuro chaiye Comrade Masango vakadambura maposters e Mdc t.he resides pa athens mine compound.ane pfuti yaari kutyityidzira vanhu nayo (Yesterday comrade Masango removed MDC posters. He resides at Athens mine compound. He is using a gun to intimidate people)
  • Ndanga ndiri kwaZvimba nhasi apo mudhara anga aine rally havasi vanhu vanga aripo ndazobvunzawo kuti mose muri kutsigira bato here ndasekwa zvisingaiti , mumwe ndiye azonditi ‘ Tauya kuzooneka mudhara ‘ (I was in Zvimba today where Mugabe was having a rally. I asked all the people who had gathered if they were really supporting Zanu and they laughed at me. One told me that he was there to bid farewell to Mugabe)
  • Here in Gweru I know this guy who z a headmaster 4rm a certain school managed to get a piece of land although he is not a war vet or vocal Zanu-PF supporter. However, to a greater extent those who are not clever enough or did not have connections everywhere were unable to get the land. All in all only well known Zanu supporters, war vets and senior police and army officers managed to get farms  according to my view right here in Gweru
  • Ask Zaka Central outgoing MP Harrison Mudzuri why he never did anything for Chinyaradza Secondary School with CDF yet he is a former student and passes by the school in his red Isuzu regularly.
  • Mhondoro Mubaira people are being harassed if you are found that you are not a Zanu PF member!
  • Pamberi neku winner A new Zimbabwe means TSVANGIRAI in Office, Mushohwe is wasting time, MUTARE WEST STRONG HOLD 4 MDC-T
  • Three days ago I was chased by Zanu-PF district chairman at e meeting held at Chikundu growth point being accused to be a suspected MDC-T supporter name of chair Shadreck Mutichakwa
  • MP 4 Zaka West Dumbu Festus has drilled boreholes but the project was left unfinished, some boreholes have no pipe and not assembled

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