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Three things NOT to say to a Zimbabwean woman

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Given our current context in Zimbabwe of frequent water cuts, trillion dollar shopping trips (that’s if there’s ever anything available to buy) and power outages every night, I had a bit of a laugh at this tongue in cheek humour sent to me recently:

Three things NOT to say to a Zimbabwean woman:

1. Can I run you a nice hot bath?
2. You look like a million dollars
3. Would you like a candlelit dinner tonight?

One comment to “Three things NOT to say to a Zimbabwean woman”

  1. Comment by Priscillah:

    Its rather subjective. I wouldnt mind someone asking if they could run me a hot bath as long as they do not think i can not do it myself. looking like a million dollars is something else depending on the dollar we are talking about. Zim dollar – thats a diss i think