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I am part of a vision

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Today I awoke filled with grief
Jackie said she had finally resorted to one of the dog tranquilizers!

after a largely boycotted/rejected election
last night there were calls everywhere for ‘safe’ houses
the South African Embassy evicted 300 families who had been displaced from their rural homes
into the cold unforgiving streets of Harare
This morning we heard that the UN Security Council  ‘regretted’ the election
but were barred from calling it ‘illegal’ by the sole voice from South Africa

and as the politicians juggle with their own restrictions of ‘consensus’
Zimbabweans, who have done all the can to peacefully and democratically
to choose their freedom
are still, today, being beaten and displaced and killed

I am part of a vision
A vision that has been held by hundreds of Zimbabweans
as they have sat in healing circles over these last 5 years
a vision of groups held together by their own chosen agreements
of love/equality/trust/truth/non-judgment/diversity

I am part of a vision of peace
where we can exist in our diversity with dignity and respect

In these dark times
these things have become illuminated in ourselves
it is the darkness that has called us together
connections that we would never have made

I am part of vision
where others have shown such courage and love
that I am humbled and honoured to be a small lens

where women, young and old
under the banner of love
walk the streets calling for the rights of their children – to schooling and food

where doctors work day and night with battered and beaten bodies
and still have the courage and dedication to go on

where lawyers have struggled out of bed
to follow up thousands who have been arrested
and still walk with trust that there is a place for truth

I am part of a vision where people have put their lives at risk
to rescue others more vulnerable
moved by courage and love

I am part of a vision where people cross barriers and boundaries that held us apart
in a common search for the freedom

to be the most wonderful parts of ourselves

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