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One of Harare’s most exciting and outspoken poets is Comrade Fatso. If you’re in Harare then go along to the Mannenberg Jazz Club in Fife Avenue Shopping Centre on 1st December or if you’re in Johannesburg on the 8th December give him some support at Bassline and make some noise for freedom in Zimbabwe!

Visit Comrade Fatso’s web site

Here’s a taste:

The Word Is A Bird

Some say silence is golden
But silence is shit
‘Cause words can hit
But they can heal
They can liberate us from what we feel
‘Cause mazwi acho akasimba
Anogona kutibatsira kwatirikuenda
‘Cause words are warriors
And their great gifts are glorious
But politicians wanna sell us words that are worthless
Creating a populace that’s wordless
Throwing curse upon curse on the word’s carcass
But the word is a bird and birds fly regardless
Flying above the durawalls of their so-called silence
The word still heard above their virile violence
‘Cause you can bomb the word but you can’t keep it silent

(cc) Comrade Fatso 2007

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