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Marching? In a failed state

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I’m sitting at work on an overcast Harare Thursday morning drinking Brazilian coffee and eating South African Marie biscuits. My breakfast in a failed state. I liked the reference that Comrade Fatso made in one of his blogs calling Zimbabwean supermarkets “hardware stores” seeing as they’re just empty shelves. I mean I’d buy Zimbabwean coffee and biscuits if I could, but I can’t. It’s either imported, or nothing.

On Tuesday I went along to my favourite cafe called St Zita in Borrowdale Village to drink a flat white and do some work. They could only offer tea on account of a power failure (aka Mugabe’s mismanagement). The tea pot came without a lid. Apparently the lid had just been broken but one wonders whether they only have one tea pot in the entire establishment.

Tomorrow is the Million Man March which is meant to illustrate Zimbabweans support for the ruling party, Zanu PF. Free transport is being laid on and The Herald suggests that our capital city will see a convergence of Mugabe fans. Let’s see what happens.

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