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Backlog for bucks

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I usually like the view from my office window, but not when all l can see is the human misery as people queue for hours on end for cash.


2 comments to “Backlog for bucks”

  1. Comment by oliver hawadi:

    This is what President Mugabe means when he says remain resilient!
    Resilient in the face of empty banks anks and supermarkets?
    Resilient when you go for two to three weeks without power and water?
    Resilient when you have to walk to and from work because you dont have petrol and the kombi fares are unaffordable.
    Resilient when for a whole year your gabbage is not collected and you have to live side by side with it .
    I do not call this resilience.It is utter poverty and gross humiliation of the first order.

  2. Comment by Gary Gush:

    Why complain about the symptoms when you know the cause, if we all had Zimbabwe at heart then we would stop whinning and start acting!!! As for you Oliver, l assume you are a learned person, start acting and talking like one, please!!! Today you whine about this, tommorow that, why cant you get out of that comfort zone and do something about it if you think you can that is. Why accuse someone of something which individual citizens are creating themselves, think aboiut it really coz if you want to see the guilty one, you need only pick up a mirror and look into it. We are masters of our own downfall and we need to admit it instead of using President Mugabe as a scapegoat for everything. Aluta continua comrades!!!