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ATM queues longer than voting queues?

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Election day in Zimbabwe. Woke up to reports on the BBC of long queues. Got dressed, walked down to Avondale School. The queue there about 100 people long at most. And three polling stations around the school. I voted (for myself!) and got a funny red/maroon ink colour on my left little finger. Four ballot papers, four ballot boxes, all as predicted.

Down to the ‘Command Centre’ at Mount Pleasant School and got a tag that says I am a Council Candidate. Then to all the stations, from 0930 to 1200. All six in order, and almost all have more than one polling station at each! Never a queue more than 50 people long. The queue at the ATM in Newlands is longer. There was no queue at Alex Park School. All seems to be going very well. Again, as predicted. They are all ready to count at the polling stations too; the tent in Strathaven was just waiting for diesel for its generator so they can have lights by tonight.

A wee rest, and then back out there.

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