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Get out the mobile vote

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Kubatana has opened up its Election SMS line for voters’ feedback and election nyayas. Here are some of their messages:

If the soldiers have already voted, what are they doing today on this public holiday?


It is clear they are aready rigging. Pasina izvozvo ZANU haihwinhi. We need to plan way forward not kuenda kucourt kwavo. (Zanu PF won’t win. We need to play way forward, not go back and challenge this election in court.)


How can the ZEC claim the elections will be free and fair when they order ballot papers that are not equal to the number net registered voters.


Ko mapurisa 5 anodei paPolling station imhosva here kuvhota. (Why do we need five police officers at a polling station? Is it a crime to vote?)


The Army have moved Tanks frm Inkomo Barracks, why?


There is a war chopper since Wednesday roving n the skies nearer to the ground in Mutoko its frightening.


Their rigging machinery is now defunct & malfunctioning. Their days are numbered! The masses say NO! The aged dictator’s time is nigh, darkness overshadows him.


Airforce jets overflying Masvingo of the past 2days.intimidation of the opposition.


Really Zim will be alive from tomorrow. Our vote will be change not for blood – peace shall reign.

3 comments to “Get out the mobile vote”

  1. Comment by Memo:

    Zvakutoda Mwari , we need change , Mwari pindirai henyu for a good future for our kids!

  2. Comment by Godsway Shumba:

    Tamirira taneta…What’s the reasons for the delay? Official results for only six constituencies has been announced so far and we are wondering why they are delaying in announcing the rest of the results. Those of us who are outside the country never slept, surfing the internet for updates on the results but nothing is happening. We are tired…we want to come back home!

  3. Comment by muf luv:

    these ZEC guys are just delaying in order to give Mugabe time to pack, go and settle wherever he would have decided to seek amnesty coz pake pamuperera.