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One stolen election too many

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I’ve got a direct line to God. Well maybe I’m getting a bit carried away since I just get to speak with Will but he is from Vatican Radio after all. I’ve ended up being one of their contacts in Zimbabwe when they want an update on the mood of this place. Of course I can only ever give them my fairly narrow view of what its like in Harare BUT I do try.

Generally I don’t like getting up early. I particularly don’t like getting up early when I’m slightly hungover from mixing my cocktails and feeling quite nauseous from eating a bucket of spring onion dip and an enormous quantity of neat little raw vegetables. So when I was roused at 10 to 6 this morning with a cup of Tanganda and a suggestion that I shake myself into voting mood I wasn’t all that amused. Nevertheless I tripped down to Courtney Selous School hoping for a good experience. And it was. The queue moved fairly quickly; people were jovial and the process was efficient and friendly.

But driving around the city after voting I must say that the low turnout at suburban polling stations is really worrying. Are many people not registered? Or have people simply lost hope in the electoral process? Have we experienced one stolen election too many?

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