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Waiting for Morgan

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So last Sunday morning the plane due to depart for Johannesburg was delayed. I looked for the SAA plane that was meant to be on the tarmac but saw instead two really shiny black Mercedes with a couple of support vehicles. Remember Morgan’s claim that he drives a second hand Benz? Well it doesn’t look like it, unless second hand means 5 minutes in the hands of some other pompous official. The head honchos of Zimbabwe’s other elite political party, the MDC, slipped into their cars care of some VIP treatment and sped off. Of course they couldn’t get to the airport on time in Joburg – they’re Puffed Up Politicians who keep other people waiting.

One comment to “Waiting for Morgan”

  1. Comment by Jane High:

    Who needs to be on time at the airport when you’re already riding on the gravy train?