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“Don’t abuse Gukurahundi: Tshinga Dube”

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It is interesting that politicians will say anything they imagine will win them the people’s vote.

Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube is quoted in The Herald telling a rally that “the Gukurahundi should not be used to block the revolutionary party’s (Zanu PF) efforts to bring development to the people of Matebeleland.”

That would be laughable if it wasn’t reference to an event some have labeled genocide.

“I know most of you are still grieved by the past events. This is painful but we must discuss it. If you elect us we will talk to the Government and solve this issue,” Tshinga Dube pleaded.

I wondered if Moses Mzila-Ndlovu was listening.

Indeed politicians take people for granted and the very fact that Dube actually said once elected into parliament he would engage government on this matter smacks of the condescending attitude that has become the hallmark of politicians claiming to have answers for problems unique to Matebeleland.

To his credit however, Dube did acknowledge that “people are not happy and of course we cannot just say it is over.” But then that’s exactly what the minister of defence has always insisted: Gukurahundi is over, deal with it!

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