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Vakazdi veruwadzano

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The last time I went to a discussion I heard a very shocking statement: women in the rural areas are likely to get more information on issues pertaining to women than urban women. So I urge all you sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins and friends that if you hear that there is a forum going on discussing women issues please be there. It is shocking to find out that an empowered sister who has access to Internet 24/7 does not have information on her fingertips as far as what is happening in their back yards is concerned. The NGO world makes it a point to do information distribution to rural communities on issues to do with reproductive health, the constitution making process, what women are entitled to and what they should look out for when it comes to their day to day living, and the political implications on their lives. I was indeed shocked that Mai so and so in Umzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe might know all those things more than me. Women in the city are slowly losing the community setting that the rural women have. Apart from kitchen parties, city women don’t deliberately sit and ask one another, so what do you think about the marriage law or find out another woman’s view about the political situation in the country. I have often times heard people making jokes about vakazdi veruwadzano (community women). I say not anymore. When those women are together they are discussing family planning methods, how to take care of children and the household. They are talking about home-based care, how to make sure they don’t get infected in the process. While in the city Miss Know It All with a laptop and desktop does not have a clue on her entitlement as a woman, let alone as a Zimbabwean citizen.

5 comments to “Vakazdi veruwadzano”

  1. Comment by memory:

    So true yet so sad. Today’s women have been caught up in the web of trying to survive. What with so many issues vying for our attention; completing work assignments, picking kids from school, helping them with their homework, reading e mails etc it becomes impossible to keep up with gender developments let alone contribute or even reflect on issues that affect us as women

  2. Comment by EnMoore:

    Hey gal you are so so so right. I am challenged! What should we do? Talking kitchen parties I have not been invited to one in more than 8 years, yes EIGHT! I am the woman you are describing.
    Women out there what should we do? Lets go to our clubs and talk politics, HIV and AIDS and women laws.

  3. Comment by Rudo Tamangani:

    Girl, you are head on. We need these NGOs to also target urban women. Let them do it in schools, churches etc. I realise that the information sharing here in the urban areas is taken for granted maybe because we have so many choices of media, but you will be suprised how many women do have access. Lets also take an active role to inform each other at church or in the neighbourhood or whatever clubs we have, be it funeral clubs, kitchen parties etc.

  4. Comment by Lorraine Muwuya:

    I invite all women who are ready to talk about intimate issues and all that have to do with our lives as women to have a women circle after every fortnight . To sign up for this use my email address or my mobile number 0913 094 714.

    We can break the new ground

  5. Comment by christine:

    lets not as women be too much consumed on being a wife,mother,daughter,sister but to play the role of me first.I think we should see ourselves as individuals before we become all these other people.To fit in all these roles you have to first deal with you.So I do agree that we need to take action and get information about what concerns us and not to be petty and fight over who has the nicest hair do.LETS DISCUSS MEAT AND BORNS gals and not to be trivial.