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Faith healing is stranger than fiction

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A flyer I got under my door the other day. I’ll report back once I’ve been to see him . . .

2 comments to “Faith healing is stranger than fiction”

  1. Comment by william james obrien jr:

    perhaps it’s as they say “laughter’s the best medicine!”…..as i sit at my computer – i am wracked with the symptoms of a relapsing fever that i contracted in zim…so many years ago. my joints scream, my energy’s gone….but for all the ’bouts of malaria and dysentary and a virus that i sense some day will kill me – i would not trade my condition for any relief – for it’s all but part-n-parcel of having lived and loved so ferociously a place that is forever in my heart……………yes no regrets, but amanda, please ask the good doctor if he has any magic pills for me…. wildbill peace

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