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Unity through theatre

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My morning yesterday at HIFA was filled with a sense of awe when I attended a play titled “The Woman Who Didn’t Belong To A Political Party”. I absolutely loved this play. It is really about what Mbuya Nehanda went through and that she gave birth to a spirit of resistance that ushered in a new Zimbabwe. I must honestly say that being born in Bulawayo I have always seen her as a Shona people heroine more than an Ndebele people one. But I changed that view now that I know that her selfless act was for all Zimbabweans young or old, black or white who now live together as one. What made me see things differently in this play is that it is done by cast members from Bulawayo.This made me really realize that Mbuya Nehanda’s story is relevant to all Zimbabweans at large. Its a pity that their show is now finished because I would have really loved the young people of this generation to see it and maybe they would see things differently . . . that its ok to do good; praises can still be sung about you long after you are gone.

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