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Harare is Alive

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I knew that HIFA opening nights don’t disappoint – the same for this year! I was there and I don’t know about you but I was not disappointed; HIFA always finds something untamed for the opening. However as much as I saw the effort and time it took for the production to take place I did not get it. Maybe its because I am not a classical music person or something. On Tuesday not only did I get to watch international and local artists, I had the privilege of speaking with the people that make HIFA what it is. It was my understanding from these conversations that people are hungry for entertainment and HIFA is just the remedy. In particular I think people got their medication all right with Prudence and the Liyana band brewing up a storm. I felt challenged, I was in a stupor, and I just did not know what to do they were So Good. As if that was not enough for the music lovers, after Prudence performed there was a Bira held at the Global Stage. All the Bira lovers rushed there and I a reliable source told me that it ended at 3am in the morning! And it was still packed up. Harare is ALIVE. To all of those who have not put a foot on the HIFA grounds, you are missing out so go there and enjoy. There are still four days of entertainment.

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