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The back of Bob

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I’m sitting at home a bit bleary eyed after some intense days in Harare. The phones don’t work, but Mugabe, probably in a bit of desperate (and I mean desperate) attempts at vote buying, has made sure that the electricity supply has been stable during this election. So, I’ve got lights, for a change. Water, meanwhile is still a problem. In Greendale, in the east of Harare, we go weeks without municipal water. People fill up containers from home owners with boreholes and they either carry their water or use “acquired” shopping trolleys from the nearby TM Supermarket to push it home.

But here I am waiting for Mugabe’s address to the nation which the rumour mill suggests will happen sometime soon. State controlled Zimbabwe television is still announcing parliamentary results, ploddingly and seemingly grudgingly. Then there’s Sky, BBC and CNN reporting that Zimbabwe is close to a truly historic moment – Mugabe stepping down.

I resonated with what a reporter, stationed at Beit Bridge, had to say about interviewing Zimbabweans at the border with them saying that they just can’t believe it. The thought of Mugabe stepping down boggles the mind. We’ve lived in his menacing shadow for so long that stepping out into the sunlight of freedom is almost too much to hope for.

But hope we must.

If the rumour mill is correct I wonder what sort of deal is currently being struck? Will it contain elements that will stick in our throats. Or should we accept that seeing the back of Bob, no matter what, is crucial to rebuilding Zimbabwe?

Certainly what many of us have learned in the last several years of political opposition in Zimbabwe is that we have to remain vigilant to the abuse of power that rulers so quickly succumb to in an effort to protect their positions.

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  1. Comment by Dennis Jones:

    I’m sitting at home a bit bleary eyed after some intense days in France.
    The phones works, but Sarkozy, probably a bit desparate (and I mean desparate) attempts vote buying,
    he has made sure that the electricity supply has been stable during the vote….
    So, I’ve got lights.
    Water, meanwhile is still a problem.
    In Toulon, east of Marseille, the water is sold by Veolia ( Rape’ya ).
    I read on the net (bbc)) an article “Should the water supply be privatised in Zimbabwe?”
    Be very careful people of Zimz- do not let the bush and co. sell your soil, water and souls.

    I struggle to live- I earn 1500 Euros (+-) a month, how much is that in Zimz?

    [This took me a long time to calculate, so maybe getting rid of bob- and george- can take a long time- sometimes-]

    (Z$ 7,040,000,000)- amai- I’m a trillionaire- but always in debt ,-(

    So I hope one day the long coated boys will be of the past and the people will be proud and hard working to create their lives to share with their children in pride. (And that the ” thought police will not carry me away tomorrow ” (yes this exists here too ! [ god save my soul ]

    In France it’s like bob has just arrived and I’m still bleary eyed since 12 months now- Like horror- Bob in sexy france !

    My god- Morgan, do your job well comarade, let the world see where humanity comes from.

    It’s late and as many I’ve been distracted from earning my bread !

    This morning the students manifested in town here in Toulon, France. Sarkozy and his govt. will reduce spending in education but wants to send more troops to Afganistan, to fight the yankee war of stealing and selling H. to the poor and wanting westerners and anyone else looking for gold powder or gun powder or like the columbian story and planes going to and from to pick up one sick and helpless prisoner, held by terrorists. Then the plane comes home. Any transit, uncontrolled between these destinations is suspect and should be visually recorded and open to un the “citizen”.

    Mixed thoughts are mine.

    We must be un-afraid (sans peur) and face these vandals and bandits who are prepared to call resistants terrorists- yes. The call of all these elections are for the interest of the people – however the people are always taken for a ride- so we must not wait for tomorrow.

    Smile and believe.

    Zimbabwe and the world, poor world- will live- even if we, so selfish and stupid people, mostly the people of the west, who claim their intelligence and greater capacity of knowledge, insist and continue in their path, the life as we know it will change and be of great change and suffering for all people on this earth.

    But we are still here and while we are there is still hope- unless my stupidity overcomes my human instincts.

    Long live Zimbabwe, long Africa.

    Courage et meilleurs voeux de France,
    D J ;-)