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No more Constitutional fast tracking in Zimbabwe’s Parliament

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With 160 House of Assembly seats announced – and 50 to go, Zimbabwe’s election results are looking like this:

  • Zanu PF – 78
  • MDC (Tsvangirai) – 77
  • MDC (Mutambara) – 5

This means both Zanu PF and the MDC (Tsvangirai) have more than one third of the seats in the House – enough to block one another from fast tracking any Constitutional amendment. BBC, CNN, and the New York Times all suggest increasingly confirmed reports that some kind of negotiated transition, exit package, or deal is in the works. But no matter what happens tonight or as this week unfolds, blocking one another’s 2/3 majority may prove important down the line.

One comment to “No more Constitutional fast tracking in Zimbabwe’s Parliament”

  1. Comment by Erika Majoni:

    My name is Erika Majoni I live in U.S.A . my husband is originally from Redcliffe. I have been unable to sleep since Saturday We are praying for your country and hope justice will prevail for our children’s sake . God bless . Zimbabwe is in our hearts and prayers.