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Stoking violence on farms

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This citizen report has just come in via email from a Zimbabwean living in the Lowveld. He shares information about intimidation and harassment on farms in the south of our country.

After being away for some time Digby and Jess Nesbitt returned home to find that their house had been looted by Deputy Police Commissioner Veterai. They spent the day trying to put the house back in order and removed Veterai’s possessions. That evening Veterai returned and he got his hired thugs to beat up the Nesbitts remaining staff with knobkierries shouting that Veterai was the owner of the house now and that everybody had to leave.

Veterai always  confronts Digby or Jess whilst carrying an AK assault rife and a pistol on his hip, this no doubt to intimidate them. They have reported these criminal acts to the police in Chiredzi, but it is unlikely that they will act against the Deputy Police Commissioner of Zimbabwe.

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