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Liquidate Zanu PF’s assets

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Rejoice Ngwenya writing for AfricanLiberty.org says aid will cripple Zimbabwe and suggests some alternatives.

First, we should disabuse ourselves of the cap-in-hand mentality. The poisoned chalice is the bloated GNU predisposition towards recurrent expenditure, which really is the second point – reducing the size of Government.

Thirdly, we can restore the viability of the banking sector by getting them to re-capitalise via offshore, not ODA financing.

Fourthly, Zimbabwe is sitting on a wealth of public property that can be liquidated to raise working capital for infrastructure reconstruction.

Fifth, almost thirty years of plunder and state-assisted pillaging have stashed billions of foreign currency in tax havens and discrete foreign accounts. If that money can be repatriated, it will be sufficient to sustain us until our entire productive capacity has been restored.

One comment to “Liquidate Zanu PF’s assets”

  1. Comment by matabele:

    The destruction of the Zimbabwean economy is no unfortunate mistake, nor is it entirely due to bad governance. The intention is to ‘recapitalise’ Zimbabwe with foreign loans (a euphemism for selling out to foreigners.)

    If Zimbabwe wishes to retain its independence – all calls for recapitalisation using foreign money must be refused. Zimbabwe must rebuild its economy with its own money.

    As this money must be credible – I can not see that this can issue from Gideon Gono. As a first step – the Reserve Bank must be reigned in – and the monetary system returned to ‘free-banking’.

    Perhaps the private banks can create some credible Zimbabwean money. The best idea – the return of natural Zimbabwean money — gold!