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Schools out

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Having last attended school some time in 2008, many school-going children have turned into vendors, seen by the roadside, shop verandahs, and in car parks selling their wares ranging from airtime, roasted maize, tomatoes, cabbages, stationery, fish.  They are even seen working in the fields in exchange for either food or these precious US dollar notes. With no government in place in Zimbabwe, more and more children and teachers are struggling to survive.

2008 was unofficially declared a non-academic year, affecting pupils progression to the next grade or to tertiary institutions. This year 2009 surprised us again by a further postponement of the opening of the first term of school. This is really a challenge to the nation as it is grooming thugs, robbers and criminals by not addressing these issues to get children back to school and have their right to education.

In short, 2008 is not over yet, as we are still where we were at last year.

One comment to “Schools out”

  1. Comment by Jonathan Nyagato:

    Politicians sometimes forget that when they make more money by being in power for more than necessary, the more reason they should create a conducive enviroment where they can enjoy their loot in peace. When kids do not go to school they turn to crime, and when they turn to crime they rob those that have, and those that have in a Zimbabwean context referes to politicians who have benefited by dubious means.
    So please Mr. Politician I beg you think about this and put your genuine effort to make schools work again. How long shall you intertain the philosophy that teachers should earn in a whole month what you give your school going child for pocket money in one day.