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Give us the Plan B (please)

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The Global Political Agreement (GPA) is in a coma on a life saving machine and I am sure Zimbabweans are tired of the sound from the life support machines. We are requesting that someone between Mugabe and Tsvangirai pull the plug so we can cry, grieve and bury the GPA (read Zimbabwe) but at least move on with our lives towards our graves in one way or another. I am putting this request because I am tired of hoping. My mother in Buhera has told me at 84 she is tired and hopeless. My church mates have told me they no longer want to discuss politics anymore because they are tired. My husband has said he is alright with me doing anything to keep the Zimbabwe crisis on the radar but I should just not talk to him about it because he is tired of hoping. All my friends have said to me they too are tired of hoping. So can someone please pull the plug and stop this political rigmarole and sentence the entire Zimbabwean population to death because after this there is no hope of achieving any resolution at all to the Zimbabwean crisis.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai do you want to tell the whole world, especially Zimbabweans, that you have failed between the two of you to find a formula on how to work together for the greater good of the nation, the region and the whole world?

My second request is for both Mugabe and Tsvangirai to tell us of their Plan B if they have any. Mugabe has said he will go it alone which is the same as sending all Zimbabweans dead and alive to the grave at one go. As for Tsvangirai, the options are also limited according to the way I see it. If Mugabe surrenders in some way either Munangagwa, Mujuru or Chiwenga will spring from ZANU PF and the fight continues. There will be such a fight in ZANU PF around the succession issue that there will be so much bloodshed like we have never seen before. Chiwenga might try and pull off a coup but who wants a coup? Maybe new elections as some have proffered. How do you call for the elections? Where will ZANU PF have gone for us to be able to call for UN supervised elections? How will the UN intervene? Military intervention? Iraq and Afghanistan? Transitional Authority? How do you arrive at one when ZANU PF is in office?

Can someone tell me how you are going to be able to get rid of ZANU PF as an obstacle when we have failed to remove it for the past decade or so through elections, sanctions and any such struggle? I want to rally my friends, my church mates and everyone around me as long as there is a clear well defined and sustainable Plan B because otherwise I fear that in the forthcoming struggles for democracy the opposition will be all alone as people have just lost hope.

Motivate us around Plan B so that when you give a clarion call we can act accordingly.

4 comments to “Give us the Plan B (please)”

  1. Comment by Denford:

    The Plan B has always been there from the beginning but Zimbabweans have a death wish, or they listen to diasporans who do not want a resolution to the Zim crisis because that will mean no more asylum claims.

    Here’s the plan B: Makoni. So many people in both ZANU PF and the MDC want him to be president, but the population was not ready for him in March last year.

    Still, did you notice that the March election was virtually violence-free? That is because the people who normally do the bidding of Mugabe on violence were restrained by the presence of Makoni on the ballot.

    He and he alone has the power within ZANU PF to dive a wedge between Mugabe and the rest of the party. IF he had own and if he should win in future, you will find that no one will listen to Mugabe as he seeks to hammer the population and bend them to his will. He will be alone.

    And Makoni does not even want to be a 5 year president. He campaigned on the platform that if he won he would form an inclusive government, together with MDC and civil society so that he could solve the economic crisis and draft a new constituion together with civil society.

    And then he will call new internationally supervised elections, whoever wins, carries the day.

    It is do clear that this is the only man capable of removing Mugabe that it beggars belief that some people are still pinning their hopes on Tsvangirai who will NEVER EVER be able to remove Mugabe without going to war, a war that he obviously will not start because it is not within him.

    But you all voted for Morgan who is being outwitted by Mugabe left right and centre.

    He wants the votes but does not know what to do with them once he gets them.

    Makoni has the establishment behind him. Like Mugabe did with Smith, he would be able to take away Mugabe’s power base and leave him exposed. If he then arrests the soldiers and torturers of our people a year after he is president, he would have stabilised the country and the torturers will have no power from which they can try and hit back at him.

    Tsvangirai could have done this by going int a GNU and attacking Mugabe’s power base from within, but he just wants posts for his mates, so he will not go in until he is sure that he will get ambassadorships, governorships (and he is now demanding to appoint a “Minister Withuot Portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Office!)

    Makoni says he can run this country with a ministry of 15 ministers in the cabinet.

    The plan B is there, but Zimbabweans just have a death wish.

    And to Nicky, who left a comment for me on my site: You should leave your comments on the same site that the comment you are responding to appears, otherwise readers will not know what on earth you are talking about.

  2. Comment by Eusebia:

    Denford if Makoni has the Plan B then why is he not letting people know that now when they are
    in desperate need of a ray of hope. Sophie wouldn’t have asked for a Plan B if Makoni had come out in the open about his plans for the country.
    He lost timing in the March 2008 elections and if he doesn’t start letting his vision be known now he will forever be known in history as the potential leader who could have saved Zimbabwe had his timing been right.
    Its about time you, the team, Mavambo and Makoni started acting instead of just talk.

  3. Comment by Sophie:

    What establishment does Makoni have behind him. He had promised us some of the big guns in ZANU PF were going to join him once he came out. Did that happen? No! Besides the vote that Makoni got was mostly in Matebeleland which is the MDC vote and not his own.

    If Makoni is Plan B he has already missed the boat because he is nowhere to be seen in terms of being the alternative!

  4. Comment by Oliver Chettle:

    Mugabe and Mbeki are the responsible men, not Mugabe and Tsvangarai. Perhaps Tsvangarai could have played his cards a little smarter, but he might still have got nowhere. The blame belongs entirely with those who have trampled over Zimbabwean democracy, not with any of their victims.