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Ready and waiting

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Jumped into my car today and went off to do two chores in town. Pretty much all the traffic lights weren’t working. There’s litter everywhere. The Sunshine City is decidedly grimey. I saw a large pod of riot police sauntering down Julius Nyerere Way and my heart skipped a beat. Maybe WOZA were around the corner. You can’t keep good women down. A couple of street kids were scooping water from a pipe on Samora Machel Avenue. I’ve never seen the city center so full of people. The banks are being besieged by people trying to get their hands on THEIR cash. Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change don’t need to bus anyone into Harare for the mother of all protests. They’re there already. It’s leadership that’s missing.

2 comments to “Ready and waiting”

  1. Comment by Miriam:

    I wish we all could just say something with one loud voice and demand our cash.

    I am seething this morning and trying to conduct business has become a nightmare. I need to pay suppliers in hard currency, I also want to be paid in hard currency in Zimbabwe – that will never be a colony yet we must be an American colony using US dollars as a means of payment. My truck loads of cash in the bank mean nothing, noone wants them I can’t even get them out.

    I have vowed that if ever I get my money out of the bank that is the last they are ever going to see of my money or me.

    I will keep it in a strongroom at home and watch it dwindle in value, at least I know what its doing or not doing in my sight.

    Disturbia should become our national anthem – we are continuing to lose it.

  2. Comment by Chamunorwa Makaitei:

    It is very unfortunate that though images of a mass demonstration that manifests the peoples aversion to the prolonged grip on power by the redudant power hungry vampires of ZANU PF are very attractive, turning such thoughts and wishes into reality has proved utopian.Translating thought into action has never been a gift easily bestowed upon mankind even in small situations, what of a country besieged by the wrath of tyranny, the devilish iron hand of autocracy strangling the country out of every breathe of democracy, we have been wimpering and gasping for years, and we wonder how we are still alive, only GOD’S doing.After being psychologically and physically broken, the political, and consequently the social and economic decadence following it have all conspired to lead to an eventual breakdown in spirit, a hammering of any attempts to wage an insurrection against the deeply entrenched vampires teeth, spitting the venom of patronage, corruption,violence and murder, and all egoistic proclivities one may care to think of.

    Rather than being verbose, the aim is to drive home the point that if any uprising is to atke place, it will be as spontaneous and unexpected as is the amount of patience that the Zimbabweana have exhibited so far..Havinggone through the difficulties myself, and considering how people were generally quick to ditch you if anything went wrong, it will take some time to find rallying points, of convergence to work towards common goals with a sense of self sacrifice than preservation, that is dominating right now.

    No question that as the majority of Zimbabweans, we are suffering, we have been made nomadic, globetrotters, as if we have no home, only because our home has been turned into hell by political devils who believe their abstract principles of being superior Africans mean more than the lives of millions.Let it be known that there have been well recorded, grizzly autocracies, which as recorded, have never lasted forever.ZANU PF and its protegies would have scored a first if they are to become immortal.And judgement awaits them the moment they will step down fron their ice pedestals, only we cannot put together enough heat to melt them once and for all.

    Put your truat not in SADC or the AU, for they too are filled with remnants of decadence and autocracy, toothless bodies that have worsened our suffering through inaction.When the time and setting allow, we will take action, otherwise right now, we all fear the intimidation, the beatings, the death.As Ngugi said, a day shall come when brother shall give up brother, a mother her son, when you and I have heard the ncalol of a nation in turmoil!