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Big UP you gels!

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As many of you know, Kubatana uses a variety of communication tactics to reach out to inform and inspire Zimbabweans. We have a great web site (a self pom pom if ever there was one), weekly email newsletters, SMS alerts and notifications, postcards, Freedom Fone, and printed materials like (gasp) the occasional newspaper.

We also have a little black board outside our office door and the Kubatana team, and sometimes complete strangers, pick up the chalk and express themselves with a cheeky slogan.

Recently we asked Zimbabweans to text us their solidarity messages for the two Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) leaders, Jenni Williams and Magodonga Mahlangu, who were detained by the Mugabe regime. Get your head around being detained for demanding an end to hunger – I’m still trying.

Below I share some of the messages that came rolling on in.

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We salute u gels big up.

Hope the women of iron are fit and strong. Thank u for yo bravery and courage.

We appriciate your courageous campaign, we pray that you do not tire until we are free. We are in this together.

Woza new zimbabwe new president and new generation for young people with fresh minds.

Makorokoto madzimai kunyange zvichirwadza kurema kana kuoma!Rambai makashinga!We are ralling behind you in every endevours, tinokudai makadaro.

Zim is for us all. It’s not for 1 man or a clique. Aluta continua. The end’s nigh.

woza`..yu have bn dnied justc by mugabe, justic delayed is justc denied dont loose hpe keep on fighting 2show mugab that we ar fed up wit him ..u ar heroes 4real u are freedom fighters for the day fighting against a gurilla liberator who turned oppressor..zanu must go .

Welcme bek brave woman of zimbabwe!we r with u in yo suffering!victory iz certain and nt vry far.we luv u!

Al things cme 2 an end and I hope that the election of obama wil force a rethink in zanu pf because their world continues 2 shrink day by day.

You are admired beyond words . So brave.

WOZA proud of u.grateful 4 yo rls.were on knees 4 u daily.can’t lv wthout pple lyk u. kp standing 4 yo ground.

One comment to “Big UP you gels!”

  1. Comment by Victim:

    We thank you ladies, you are true freedom fighters, man among the dictetor who lost the mandate to rule.we stand by you.Aluta continua the end is near, the regime will collapse soon as the resoutrces dwingle.