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Politicians, chairs, bears & crabs

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Speaker of ParliamentI’ve never aspired to be a politician. I’m too sensitive, couldn’t handle large numbers of people voting against me and polls tallying whether or not the people like me. I don’t have the stamina for shady systemic webs of bureaucracy and patronage. I know very little about fighting an unjust war or how to name commissions and operations. Recent efforts to keep up with pressing political on-goings such as, the opening of Parliament in Zimbabwe and Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska/Republican Vice Presidential candidate, have made me rethink what makes one suited for politics. I’m thinking it all has to do with having the appropriate office décor.

It wouldn’t be so bad as Speaker of Zimbabwean Parliament because the big white chair the speaker sits in looks quite comfortable. But, I’d be afraid to put my head back out of fear that the tips of the ivory horns would gouge the back of my skull and the resulting blood would stain the nice white chair. The clear glass podium would stress me out; all of Parliament could see if my socks had a hole or if they were mismatched.

Governor of AlaskaI most certainly couldn’t be Governor of Alaska/Republican Vice Presidential Candidate. I’ve never shot a bear three times the size of me, or any bear for that matter. I’ve never even shot a gun nor would I ever think of shooting a gun, except the kind that squirts water. And I’d prefer to have a blanket draped over the back of my couch not a bear. In my book, king crabs ought to be either a meal or left alone in the sea. I don’t understand a king crab as a paper weight on a coffee table.

What is it with politicians and their grandiose office décor? Isn’t it enough their power hungry mindsets? Do they really need to exude and flaunt that power through their office décor? Just as more politicians who can cry and show compassion are needed world over, I think it would be nice to have politicians who use chairs, blankets, and paper weights more in tune with the realities of everyday people.

2 comments to “Politicians, chairs, bears & crabs”

  1. Comment by Sue Gosland:


    Your Speaker’s chair may not be something any one would want in their living room, but it seems to speak to your history and culture, which is what Sarah Palin’s office does also. Her culture, however, is not one I wish to embrace.

    Sarah Palin’s decorations in her office speak volumes about how she feels about the enviornment, which makes her as scary as her abortion beliefs. I am working hard to see that she never becomes a heartbeat away from the Oval Office. This is a woman who would set woman’s rights back 100 years. This is a woman who would set enviromental reforms back to the 19th century. Her small Alaska town mentality is scary to the rest of the world,and we need to do all we can to see that she is kept in Alaska. We don’t need that kind of decorations in Washington D.C. or in the rest of the world.

  2. Comment by Sue Gosland:

    Thank you for your wonderful insight into Political decor.