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Opposition leadership renewal – Zimbabweans’ opinions

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With Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change celebrating its 14th anniversary this weekend, we thought it was a good time to ask our SMS subscribers whether the MDC-T should stick with the T(svangirai), or whether, after 14 years with one president, it was time for opposition leadership renewal.

We heard back from hundreds of Zimbabweans across the country, and over two-thirds of respondents thought Morgan Tsvangirai should remain as the party’s leader. We share a sampling of responses below, or you can download the full list from this link.

  • Tsvangirai must stay, kusvikira aita president. He has been through a lot.
  • The MDC-T needs a new leader. MT must step down to pave way for new president.
  • In my view Tsvangirai has not failed. In fact, look at how the peole hoped for him to win. The confidence they have on him and as it stands he is the only candidate in the country who can contest head to head with President Mugabe. We have been with him for long and have come to understand him better. We have been through hard times with him and better times as well, so let him stay put. Maybe we can talk of the grand coalition now. It is not all about changing leaders, but everything to do with advocating for a level political playing field. Yes, leaders can change, but as long as the country is still not level for all the players, you can change everyone and still the voice of the people will not prevail. What we need to focus our energy on is what we do to level the playing field, and not whether to remove someone.
  • Morgan yes should pave way for new ideas coz that’s where dictatorship starts. He started by amending party constitution so what’s next is staying there forever.
  • Tsvangirai must stay as MDC-T president as he is a pillar & balancing figure in the party & Zimbabwe at large. Since 2002, Tsvangirai has been a victim of massive election rigging by Mr Mugabe&Zanu PF. He has been making efforts to expose the comprehensive election rigging but to avail as Mr Mugabe controls all the pillars of government. Leadership renewal is not a noble idea at the moment as it will enthrill Zanu PF & is after MDC-T downfall & causing divisions & chaos within the party.
  • There is need for leadership renewal to bring in new ideas and political¬† approach for the opposition
  • Tsvangirai is the leader of MDC. Remove him when he has had the chance to lead Zimbabwefor two terms and not now. Let him lead until he rules. Those who want to lead the MDC should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Tsvangirayi must leave the top post and any other within the party. He is free to remain an ordinary member or join another party of his choice.
  • Tsvangirai is the only man who can stand against the ruling party he should stay.
  • The resounding victory of zanu pf isn’t abt poor leadership in MDC bt monopoly over state resources so Tsvangirai must b given another chance
  • He won in all the elections and am the same voter who vote for him. Its Zanu who wish him gone
  • Tsvangirai has to stay till he remove zanu & rule for atleast one term
  • Tsvangirai should stay as the leader of MDC-T and the other leadership should not change. MDC-T is Tsvangirai of which without him support will be lost.
  • We want a replacement
  • Not yet hey for the opposition to change leadership Tsvangirai must pull until the part reach the new beginning
  • He is a complete failure, I don’t think he can renew.
  • He should stay and finish his mission playin field z uneven n successor meets same fate
  • I think he should stay until the next congress but he should stop acting like a Zanu-pf front

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