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Fatten the lion and starve the impala and call it preserving the ecosystem

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Have you ever wondered and come to a reasonable explanation as to why it is very easy for EU and America to engage Zimbabwe on economic talks like the ones that were held in London in March 2013 but very difficult to engage if it comes to good governance? As we speak the EU website actually confirms that they are in ongoing economic talks with Zimbabwe but there is only passive mention of good governance and respect of human dignity as pre-requisite.

Is this not a move to fatten the lion and starve the impala and call it preserving the ecosystem? If they acknowledge that the government in Zimbabwe is illegitimate and does not represent the will of the people then what does it mean if they keep pushing to engage an illegitimate regime? Are they fattening and empowering the oligarch in Zimbabwe to trample on the defenseless populace? I guess this is the complicated part of sovereignty but the complication as it stands is a deliberate attempt to prey on the ordinary citizens.

One comment to “Fatten the lion and starve the impala and call it preserving the ecosystem”

  1. Comment by rindai:

    unfortunately some of us lived from the 70′s, well educated i wonder what respect for human dignity you are talking about that is better than the current situation?By encouraging no talking between EU and Zimbabwe you are instead doing a disservice to the people of Zim.Whos interessts thaen will be serving?

    OBVIOUS NON ZIMBABWEANS. Are you telling me that the person you are lobying for can provide better governance for the benefit of Zimbabweans?I have heard him talk,know what he has done morally, he needs to do a bit of study may be after then.Currently, no i do no believe he is capable.How can a blind person lead people who have eyes.Encourage him to study instead may be we can see him talk sense, do sensible things