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Makandiwa’s spiritual link

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Much noise has been made about Pastor Makandiwa’s latest innovative idea of getting linked to his followers. Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa founder of United Families International (UFI) ministries popularly known as the “The Man of God” by his followers recently launched an airtime recharge card called Christian Spiritual Link. With this recharge card one can communicate directly to the prophet by calling him to get over-the-phone prophecies and spiritual messages. The airtime card can be found in denominations of $3 and $6. Having the gift of delivering people from the bondage of Satan, Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa now commands a huge following to the extent that he can fill the 60 000 seater National Sports Stadium for a single service. With such a huge following almost everyone would be willing to have personal contact with the Pastor. Thumbs up to the genius minds behind the idea.

While this is an innovative business venture it also comes with its own irregularities. With its special functions accessing any cellphone network in the country the Spiritual Link recharge card has drawn attention from the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) leading to an investigation over the legality of this recharge card. On the back of the card, the leading three cellphone service companies can offer recharge platform numbers arousing speculation that maybe this was a partnership deal with these companies. POTRAZ’s investigations to establish whether there was contravention of the Telecommunications Act comes at a time when some papers have suggested that Pastor Makandiwa has fled the country. Its now up to the authorities to determine whether there was any breach of the law but I believe the Spiritual Link is really going to propel Pastor Makandiwa to the prosperity that he preaches in his sermons.

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  1. Comment by zulu:

    makandiwa gates. zvango sara etme yekutaura namwari strait .such power?such inovation? such crookery?

  2. Comment by Petros Rambwawasvika:

    With a profound sense of the solemn and even tragically moral fibre of the stride Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa captivating, I suppose the Church should not fritter away precious time by listening to comments made by forks and the whole article written by Daily News [telling it like it is] so they claimed.

    News papers have a bit of problem of exaggerating issues. Leaders of the Church should procure instantaneous steps not merely to plonk the pilgrimage in a supplementary meticulous state of confusion. My encouragement is in 1Thessalonians 5:17. I don’t see it as a predicament for a church to wield all its supremacy and utilize all its resources to generate more funds for the sake of expanding the ministry. A number of commentators’ annotation gives the impression to suggest that Church founders should not commence something to engender funds. I believe from his experience with the increase in membership in the Church, he sees Spiritual Air Time Card [SATC] as the possible fastest and more reliable thing to have and to do. Hopefully this will help him to meet the congregation’s demands.

    SATC would be an excellent point for him and the Church to start with. The Pastor recently started the ministry and for him, the only way to do greater mission is to start the business. How many Mission Schools, Colleges and Universities which are run by Churches in Zimbabwe? Why do people need to quickly put a lot of bitter words yet this deal is not even yet conceded through. Of course it would be good to have a blessing from Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe. [Potraz] I guess Mr A Marisa; deputy director- general of [Potraz] will do his job for the reason as articulated in The Standard article 2011-08-07. After the tale stormed, I had an opportunity to pin my ears back to his message- ‘The Spirit of a Pioneer’ [Mweya wekuvamba] preached on 2011-08-06. The man has a vision and I would like to consider the phenomenon as the vocation of the mischievous sprite. Making an allowance for what the High Court Judge Justice Tedious Karwi said, ‘the case was not urgent, giving Makandiwa some breathing space’ The Standard 2011-08-07.There ought to be a realisation that the Daily News wrote this article to magnetize people’s attention.

    This should be not a new thing for a lot of people anyway. The card has been used global in different purposes and different version. Countries like Botswana, SA, Ghana, Nigeria, EU countries and USA. Through technology life has been made so straightforward to connect with people you heed about. There is no time to misplace or panic in spite of what is being premeditated. Leaders and all Church members of United Family International [UFI] should be unified and not waved- united they stand divided they fall. Loosing will insinuate all that pilgrims have known and cared for will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted art of men. Leaders of UFI should brace the Pastor and do their duties, and so bear themselves that if the arbitration team of [Potraz] managed to iron the issue brought by Daily News all followers will still say, this was their finest hour of God vindicating the Church against the adversary.

    If Pastor Makandiwa is doing stuff that God is pleased with or not happy with, the reality will prevail. Only God knows the truth and He is the only One who can judge. I stalwartly believed in the right of better laws and regulations which will set out to establish egalitarianism of opportunity to everyone within the country by avoiding monopoly. This fast forward thinking has been long overdue in Churches and in the country. We need people who are first movers’ not last movers’ with technology or in the industry. The kind of things which we are so analytical about, are the very stuff that a lot of donor churches from abroad have done to generate funds which feed disadvantaged children in all parts of the world. Zimbabwe will one day treasure in next to no time. God helping her, she can do no other.

  3. Comment by Zimbabwe: Connecting to God Through Airtime Recharge Card · Global Voices:

    [...] Lenard discusses Zimbabwe's Pastor Makandiwa’s innovative idea of getting linked to his followers through recharge airtime card: “Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa…recently launched an airtime recharge card called Christian Spiritual Link. With this recharge card one can communicate directly to the prophet by calling him to get over-the-phone prophecies and spiritual messages. The airtime card can be found in denominations of $3 and $6.” Tweet [...]

  4. Comment by Rawayo:

    I enjoy your masseges pastor may God richly bless you

  5. Comment by Simba:

    I am glad that I have access to God himself without having to buy a juice card. So why bother!

  6. Comment by Raymond:

    God is the only one who can judge if he is not the true man of God. Why do u people tell false information. Spiritual link card is not for calling the man of God plz. We communicate through txt messages and for sure God is doing a lot. Plz stop spreading lies because God will deal with u when the time come.

  7. Comment by kennedy:

    pastor makandiwa z a man of God, dnt hold anythng against him……….