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Conversations on the way to work

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This is Mugabe’s driveway said my colleague. And what a long driveway too. I guess many of you have noticed how the Borrowdale Road is being resurfaced? It was in brilliant shape next to the many other roads that are pot holed and falling apart. But of course Mugabe’s motorcade comes first and as we all know the Borrowdale Road leads to his mansion. We’re all saps was her next comment. Because if you think about it, the upgrading of the Borrowdale road stinks. And what are we doing about it? Sweet F A as my ma would’ve said.

Then we passed a Zimbabwe Independent newspaper advertising billboard that said that our PM is being probed about a $1.5 million fraud. With not much more of a headline to go on I jokingly said well how do you reckon he got the money to renovate his mansion on Kew Drive? Tsvangirai doesn’t have the money himself to live so large so who exactly is footing the bill? Zanu PF needs to keep him under their thumb, so there’s a thought. Or maybe there’s a foreign hand involved. Or maybe its just that big egos can’t live in modest houses, so fuck the povo.

Either which way, what is it with big men in power, and mansions. I know some of you are thinking about that joke about men needing to make up for size in different ways but we won’t go there.

And then we talked about the comments starting to roll in about the Big Brother contestants getting cash from Mugabe. Someone suggested that Mugabe may well be changing sides having given a pale face some dosh, Vimbai, whose mother is out of favour, a kiss, and congratulating Chamisa for being a “supersonic” minister. Hmmm. What’s up with all that.

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