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Boycott Independence Day

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I’m wondering what it will take for Zimbabweans to rise up and liberate themselves.

I’m hearing that the “brilliant and vainglorious” Mugabe has organised two of Zimbabwe’s most popular soccer teams, Dynamos and Highlanders, to play at Gwanzura Stadium during the Independence Celebrations on Friday.

A young man has written to Kubatana asking us to forward his “plea” to people to boycott the Independence celebrations even if they want to see their favourite soccer stars in action. But I guarantee you that the stadium will be full of Zimbabweans wanting some free entertainment even though they will be addressed by the man who has just stolen their vote.

Where are your balls boys? If you go to Gwanzura make sure to drown the old man out with songs of true liberation, jeer, laugh, invade the pitch but Do Something.

2 comments to “Boycott Independence Day”

  1. Comment by Sally Davies:

    I smiled for about the first time today on reading Mothobi Mutloatse’s column from The Sowetan which proposes that the Zimbabwean nation should collectively be awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

    What an excellent idea – and another flows from it – that Nobel laureates should now make a public statement on democracy in Zimbabwe.

  2. Comment by Miriam:

    I cringe at the thought of publicly declaring I am Zimbabwean.

    I feel violated that this man we no longer want to lead us is forcing himself on us. This is rape of the nation. The worst thing is I feel powerless, I can’t even explain it to my little niece who asks “how come Mugabe is still there if you went to vote, what did you not do”.

    I don’t feel like celebrating Independence, we fought for the right to vote and be liberated but they were illegally taken away from us by our “liberators”. Its so sad that a handful of people control the majority who have the deciding power or is it the ones who had the power of the vote. Eighteen days later still no response only nothingness and threats of a nausiating speech on Independence Day – so I will block out all speeches and excercise my right – freedom of choice