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Zimbabweans will sell anything

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I was having a coffee this morning in the garden of a cafe in Avondale. I noticed a man walk through the gate with a presidential portrait tucked under each arm. Mugabe moving sideways through the garden; gave me a bit of shock. He went into the cafe and came out a little while later still carrying both portraits. I gathered he was going door to door on an enterprising income-generating mission. You’ve heard of encyclopaedia salesmen. Well here in Zimbabwe we’ve got presidential portrait salesmen. His luck must have picked up though because later I saw him running across Second Street to catch a kombi. This time he was one portrait down.

One comment to “Zimbabweans will sell anything”

  1. Comment by Lee:

    Lol, I love this because it shows we’re willing to work, if it was another country you’d be seeing a shady looking guy eyeing someone’s purse. You go portrait-selling man! :D