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Time for the MDC to catch a wake up call
When we voted for the Councils and mayors we had faith that we would at long last get a go ahead Mayor and councillors; who would be honest and practise fiscal restraint. In many instances this has not been so. I am totally disgusted that Mayor Masunda and Chombo and others defend the purchasing of two luxury vehicles valued at $350,000. This is utterly ridiculous for a country that puts out a budget half the size of that of Pick and Pay, South Africa and in a country where millions are mired in poverty. This penchant for expensive vehicles is tantamount to looting and stealing from tax and ratepayers. Is there no wisdom at all anywhere? Is there no restraint at all? I and my company are long standing tax payers and rate payers and I am rapidly reaching that stage where I feel that someone should start a campaign to withhold all taxes and rates until government in all forms catches a wake up and decides to use our money wisely. Most of what we see is absolute greed and selfishness. Personally I say zvakwana, zvakwana. Have you all forgotten that slogan? We need a law that puts a cap on ALL motor vehicles purchased for ALL public officials. When everyone has a home and a job and when every child goes to school and when every sick person can be treated only then will we be happy to treat you to luxury vehicles! – NM, Harare

Buy Zimbabwean
The fact that the majority of goods consumed in the country are imported has created a crisis in Zimbabwe. Make sure at least half of what you buy is a local product and you will CREATE a job or jobs. You will help save my job and I will help to save your job and the government will collect taxes and sort out the water and power issues (hopefully).  We have the power to help each other. Let’s create jobs here and not in South Africa or China by buying Zimbabwean products. Before we blame others for our state, let’s do our bit by buying Zimbabwean products. – SC, Harare

Post-independence Zimbabwe
Believe it or not, the challenge of mind-set change is still a facade and far outcry in post-independence Zimbabwe! Grotesque levels of corruption, poor health service delivery, hatred, policy shelving, duplicity of politicians, violence, citizens’ apathy and absence of rule of law continue to spell a bleak future for our country. Statesmen and policy makers where are you? – RM, Harare

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