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Zimbabweans need to clean up their act

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The Cool Carbon Club held a cleanup on Sunday, 10 October. Half in Ward 17 and the other, down King George from Lomagundi to Kensington shops. Each group had a city tractor and trailer to take away the collected garbage. Over one hundred people, three schools, and various people actually picked up litter, while others sorted it into recyclable piles. We got many comments from passer-bys (which was nice, but why don’t they DO something too!) so maybe there will be less litter thrown out of car windows etc.

I am always amazed at people’s attitudes: I won’t litter my car, instead I’ll throw my rubbish out the window. After all, the ENTIRE WORLD is my rubbish dump. And the ENTIRE WORLD is my servant who must collect it all up and make the surroundings look pretty again.

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