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Zimbabweans have no respect for time

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It does not need an expert in any field to inform the Zimbabwean populace that this country needs them in terms of production and economic resuscitation. In as much as we are aware that the economy is not functioning as expected, the few working systems that we have need maximum efficiency for sustainability.

One element that the entire national system does not respect is time.

For instance, if one goes to the bank to do a withdrawal the tellers are not in a hurry to serve you. As a result unnecessary queues form. If one goes to buy lunch, it takes a long time before the order is processed. Commuters are my witness when we see the police slowly doing their duty especially when they inspect public transport. So instead of people appreciating the role of the police in maintaining security and safety, people just get annoyed by unwarranted delays that are usually a result of unnecessary negotiations and kick back payments between the police and transport operators.

And if one goes to collect a National Identity card, the provision of services is slow. These are just some examples.

The entire economy is run in a manner that is slow, without any efficiency. We as citizens should start to think beyond our own selves, and start to act far beyond the call of duty as well. Those who work in positions where they serve people should now start to think in terms of production hours that the country loses by delays in services provided.  I mean, if you tell someone to wait, consider that you have not stopped that person alone, but you have also stopped production somewhere else. As a result you also stop national recovery! If you alone delay ten people for six minutes then you have cost the whole economy one production hour.

This knowledge only comes with an understanding beyond where you are at the moment. The no-hurry approach to life must not apply anymore if we are serious about making the country as vibrant as it was before. We therefore have to revisit our conscience when we tell someone to wait a moment, park there, of come back later.

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