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Zimbabwe amongst the most corrupt nations

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As the race to the 2013 elections gathers momentum in Zimbabwe many politicians still shy away from, and regard corruption as a sensitive issue. As sensitive as it can be I believe the electorate is shortchanged when people they elect into Parliament as legislators become corrupt themselves. The abuse of the Community Development Fund by some legislators is an example of the appalling level of corruption in the country.

Being ranked number 163 out of the 174 countries that took part in the 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index should not come as a surprise because corruption in Zimbabwe has become the norm. Zimbabwe is ranked among countries like Somalia and Afghanistan with collapsed government systems.

According to the survey, “Governments need to integrate anti-corruption actions into all aspects of decision-making. They must prioritise better rules on lobbying and political financing, make public spending and contracting more transparent, and make public bodies more accountable”.

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